Programming Language Training Bundle

Learn about Python, Haskell, Java Script, Google Language and R Programming with this training course

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Half Star  319
  |   11798 Learners
  |   12 hours +  61 Hrs
  |   330 Lectures
  |   Expert  Expert
Learn C and C++ Online Course

This wonderful online course is about C and C++. Learn what it is along with the examples for the same. The course starts from scratch so that the participants understand all the important concepts.

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty Star  201
  |   12219 Learners
  |   12 hours +  15 Hrs
  |   82 Lectures
  |   Intermediate  Intermediate
Comprehensive C++ Training

This is a online course is to gain comprehensive understanding of C++ Programming. The aim is to learn about how C++ Programming and its features can be used. The tutorials will help you learn about Introduction to OOPS Concepts, Introduction to C++ , Abstraction, Encapsulation, Variables and Array.

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty Star  138
  |   17994 Learners
  |   2 - 6 hours  5 Hrs
  |   26 Lectures
  |   Appropriate for all  All Levels
C++ Programming Course

In this course you will learn about C++ Programming Training. You will learn in detail concepts like Flow Control, C Programming Session, E-Medical Records, Health Insurance, Statistics in Hospital etc.

Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty Star Empty Star  125
  |   18187 Learners
  |   6 - 12 hours  10 Hrs
  |   55 Lectures
  |   Expert  Expert

“Good content available on the website for each and every course. This platform provides immense as per your availability. One suggestion though the video doesn't play on the phone. You must be able to set target of when do you plan to finish your course. For everyday set a time to watch the video and send a reminder on email or phone through message. Please do launch mobile app as well where we can download and watch the class. Thanks.

— Neha Kaushik

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