Google Analytics - Mastering Strategies for Google Analytics

This course is a Wonderful online training based on Google Analytics. In this Training you will learn from scratch what google Analytics is and how to make use of it for various analytical purposes.

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Content Marketing Tools and SEO Analytics

This online training is to learn the content marketing tool- SEO analytics. It includes learning about the SEO tools, Marketing Automation, Social Media, Webinar and Graphic creation. Next we would see various content marketing examples.

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“Just finished my first introductory course on Hadoop and it was superior and hit the spot! So the learning was well discussed and presented in an organized way. The essential programming presentation in Java was easy to understand. Showing just how hadoop works was the exciting part and way beyond expectation. I can now plant to continue my studies in Big Data and go even deeper into using hadoop. So I highly recommend working with EDUCBA to get the training you need!

— James Clay Fielding

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