VSTS Coded UI Automation Software Testing

This is a online course is to gain fundamental understanding of different approaches like Record/Playback and Descriptive Programming in VSTS Coded UI Automation Testing . The aim is to gain understanding of automation testing using Coded UI tool. The tutorials will help you learn Coded UI tool walk through, Challenges while recording, Recording Modular Scipts Designer File in Detail, Purpose of Auto generated Files, Creating Different Mapper Files, Spying Objects, Assertions, Test Execution Results Location on the System and Scripting.

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Introduction to Software Testing

We bring you this wonderful course on Automation Testing. This detailed course will help you understand all the important concepts and topics of Automation Testing.

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“This is very useful course being maths student i was not aware of the use of debentures shares from this course it was easy to understand the meaning of all the terms their advantages and disadvantages...in this videos they have tell us about the role of financial markets also they have told about different types of financial market equity shares preference share and how derivatives is use. The course is great & helpful for finance field job. Thank you so much for offering such courses.

— Shyam Manoj Soni

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