Struts2 Training

This is a online course is to gain fundamental understanding of Struts2. The aim is to learn about Struts2 and its features. The tutorials will help you learn about Java Struts 2 introduction, Apache tomcat installation, Struts 2 Architecture, Login example. Also we will discuss the Concepts of Struts2 such as Creating an interceptor, Value Stack and OGNL , File uploader, Sending Emails, Login application and Validations.

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“Very good course but it would be really good if the course would be long but overall it was good and nice Teacher was really knowledgeable and was really good in teaching he knows how to teach well really appreciated And it would be great i could access this full course as this course is awesome and i want to learn from it thanks to the wonderful teacher you have he is doing really a very good job and when i will have money i will sure login to whole course thank you


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