Disk Management for RAID

eduCBA brings you this Awesome course on RAID Training. This detailed course will help you understand all the important concepts and topics of RAID Training.

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“This course, is a good practical introduction to the use of Xcode for the development of iOS applications. It takes you through the history of the Xcode development lifecycle, its features and how to use the development environment. I have been using Xcode for a few months prior to taking this course and this helped filling some gaps I was missing on how to do certain tasks in Xcode and introduced me to some very helpful shortcuts. By the end of the course you learn how to build a basic app based on the Apple "Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift)" tutorial. For the most part the course is quite helpful, unfortunately due to some minor error introduced into the code in the 3rd to last video, the application does not work as intended, but is easily fixed. All in all if you are new to the Xcode environment this is a recommended course to help familiarise yourself with Xcode and the basics of the Swift language.

— Shawn Truesdell

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