Apache Mahout - Machine Learning with Mahout Training

Looking to expand data organization and utilization? Mahout offers a perfect ride to you. Uncover patterns and trends behind large data sets and isolate clusters and classify them into categories.

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  |   2 - 6 hours  5 Hrs
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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Training

This online course on Artificial intelligence is to learn about the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. Through this course you would have an overview of artificial intelligence, understand state space search, Heuristic search, Machine Learning, Logics and reasoning, Rule based Programming, Decision Making and Stochastic methods. All this will Identify and solve complex real world problems using AI approaches.

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Introduction to Machine Learning

For people who are interested in biometrics, expert systems and robotics cam take up this interesting course on Machine learning. It is basically a science related to construction and study of algorithms. The tutorials will help you understand the basics of machine learning, Perceptron Learning, Backpropagation learning and all about backpropagation & algorithm.

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  |   Upto 2 hours  2 Hrs
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“This is a very well-organized fundamental accounting course with good examples. The instructor explained the details of three financial statements in a very logical way. Many thanks for offering and sharing these videos. The links between the three statements added is been really helpful for the beginners.

— Tinglian Jiang

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