Adobe Flash Professional CS6

This is a online course is to gain comprehensive Practical understanding of Adobe Flash CS6 . The aim is to learn essential concepts in Adobe Flash CS6 . The tutorials will help you learn about the basic and advanced features in Adobe Flash CS6, how to work with Text Classic TLF, Symbols & Templates, Advanced Tweens, Realistic Animations Bones, Non Flash Media Files, Incorporating Sound and video, Adding Interactivity, Organizing Your Animations, Components for Interactivity, E1-Creating Gallery and website and Delivering your Animation.

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Empty Star  108
  |   18275 Learners
  |   6 - 12 hours  12 Hrs
  |   67 Lectures
  |   Appropriate for all  All Levels
Adobe Flash - Make Attractive Website Banner Ads using Flash

This training on Adobe flash is for the participants to learn about the creation of banner advertisements using Flash. This training will enable you to learn how all those eye catching banners are created. Since this course starts right from scratch you need not have any prior designing knowledge.

Full Star Full Star Full Star Half Star Empty Star  282
  |   18346 Learners
  |   2 - 6 hours  5 Hrs
  |   26 Lectures
  |   Appropriate for all  All Levels
Adobe Flash Masterclass - Novice to Ninja

eduCBA brings you the course on Adobe Flash. You will be trained in the chief development tool for creating animated and interactive content for the web.

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Half Star  235
  |   12094 Learners
  |   12 hours +  17 Hrs
  |   93 Lectures
  |   Appropriate for all  All Levels

“The course was extremely helpful for anyone looking forward to work in Risk Management in the Banking Sector. The course would have been much more better, if more real life examples were part of it. Also, the approaches that have been used by Banks to mitigate such risks and that have been proven highly effective are taught effectively. This will provide a lot of insights, about how things work on ground. In short, there's a lot that can be learnt from this course.


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