CAP - Certified Analytics Professional

This is a online course is to gain comprehensive understanding the curriculum of CAP - Certified Analytics Professional certification. The aim is to learn about the fundamentals in analytics. The tutorials will help you learn about Introduction to CAP Exams, Understanding Objectives, Understanding Business Problem Identification, Analytical Problem, Certified Analyst Professional training- Data Science, Certified Analyst Professional training- FIVE E of CAP Exam, Data Visualization- CAP Certification and Analytics Methodology and Test Analytics Model.

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Data Science for Certified Analyst Professional

This is a course for all those who want to learn about Certified Analyst Professional training- Data Science. We will learn some important topics in this course like: How to Analyse and Act Data, Components of Data Science, Learning Models , Execution Models Scheduling and Sequencing etc.

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“This course gives an excellent and comprehensive understanding of various offerings by banks and gives detailed insights on each of them. It explains the concepts with the aid of interactive cases with practical yet simple examples. It also gives an insight into relationship management and its implications

— Rishabh Agarwal

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