Logistics Management

This online training is a comprehensive on logistics management. The tutorials will help you learn about value chain model, basics of logistics management, logistics for business, and management of transportation, inventory, warehouse, information system, outsourcing, material handling and material storage. You will also learn about reverse logistics, technology in logisitcs, e-commerce in logistics, LOGISTICS PERFORMS MEASURES AND CONTROLS, LOGISTICS ORGANISATION, : GLOBAL LOGISTICS and startegic logisitcs.

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“This course is good to get basic knowledge of merger and acquisition. this course helped me to clear my doubt about assumption taken and considerations for synergies. it helps in understanding about balance sheet and profit and loss statement after merger. it helped me to know about different types of synergies, importance of synergies for any merger and acquisition decision. this course helped me to learn about various types of financing. Overall it is good as starting point


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