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How to bulid Positive Relationship With Project Stakeholders

Project Stakeholders – A part of defining ourselves as social animals comes from the fact that the progress of our civilization and society depends on our interactions with one another. We communicate with each other through a linguistic medium called language and this forms the bridge between understanding and responding to different situations and scenarios. […]

CRM vs PM Software - How to Keep Them Separate?

CRM vs PM Software – Your company is set up and you have everything on board. Your next step is to go on to the market and search and find the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Project Management (PM) software you possibly can work with, as per your business model. There are many software […]

Top Best 10 Task Management Software for the year 2016

Task Management Software – Humans are by nature multi-taskers. With our opposable thumbs, we dare and push ourselves to the brink of completing different, multiple tasks whether it’s in the comfort of our homes or the corporate environments we subject ourselves to. Humans also are a rare breed of thinkers who store a lot of […]

How Much Do Project Managers Earn | Know best Salary Trends

Project Managers Earn – Needlessly to say, “Project Management is the leading factor undertaken by businesses around the world for the purpose of delivering optimum business results consistently”. With many businesses going around and establishing project management offices and investing in hiring leading project managers and expert project team members, there’s seems to be a […]

10 Steps to Prepare for Project Manager Jobs

Project Manager Jobs – You’re a highly ambitious individual with influencers such as Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Stephen R. Covey, Indra Nooyi, and many more in your list of who-should-i-follow. You want to be able to ape these personalities in the way they conducted a business and facilitated and commissioned projects after projects. You want […]

Top 7 Important Open Source Project Management Tools

Open Source Project Management Tools – Are you looking out for the best open source project management tool to ever crawl the surface of the earth? Well, in that case, you’re in luck! Your search ends right here with this article. Here, we will look into the effective open source project management tools that can help […]


MPM vs CPM - Better Project Manager Certification?

MPM vs CPM – Project management is an ever evolving field, with a number of tremendous advancements and changes taking place at regular intervals. With the years passing by and the projects encountered, the methodologies used are getting even more sophisticated and the deployments, ever more efficient. With a number of opportunities rising up for project management […]