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How to Harness the Power of Real Time Analytics?

Real time Analytics – As the technology keeps growing and becomes more sophisticated than before, companies have started to harness the power of big data and real time analytics to improve its business operations. Lot of data keeps coming into the organization every day. Managing and analyzing such huge volume of data has become a […]

6 Things Your Analytics Software is Hiding From You

Analytics Software – Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics software in the world. This Analytics software gives all the information which a marketer needs to develop his business. Google analytics software also helps the business people to optimize strategies for their business. You might know that it has great features. It is one of the best […]

Why Innovation is The Most Critical Aspect of Big Data?

Innovation and creativity have always played prime roles in the helping brands and companies to achieve success, both in the short term and long term. The need for creative problems has increased dramatically because the kinds and challenges that brand managers have to face are getting more complex and complicated every single day. When brands are […]

How Big Data Is Changing the Face of Healthcare

Heathcare – The healthcare industry plays an important role, not just in the lives of people but in the economies of countries around the world as well. Because of advancements in healthcare, people are living lives that are longer and healthier lives. In fact, due to this children are able to attend schools on a […]

The Beginners Guide to Startup Analytics

Startup Analytics- Being an entrepreneur is one of the toughest jobs in the world. They might face ups and downs and unexpected turns in life. These unexpected situations have urged the entrepreneurs to make use of the startup analytics. The term startup analytics looks so confusing specially with the terms like “growth hacking” and “lean startups” […]

13 Important Aspects of Technical SEO

Technical SEO- If you own a site then you would definitely know that SEO matters a lot to do online business. We all know content is the lifeblood of SEO. But SEO is as important as the content. Technical SEO just refers to any SEO activities that does not include the content. It is a foundation which […]