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  • Effective Resume Making
    1h 14m
  • Group Discussions
    2h 26m
  • Job Interviews
    1h 43m
  • Business Corporate Etiquette
    0h 57m
  • Email Etiquette
    2h 22m
  • Job Hunting: How to Stand Out in the Crowd
    0h 42m
  • Find Jobs using Social Media
    1h 03m
  • Salary Negotiation
    5h 35m
  • Effective Communication Skills Training
    1h 29m
  • Business Writing Skills
    2h 13m
  • Business Etiquette
    7h 57m
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Skills you will master

  • Resume Making
  • Group Discussions
  • Job Interviews
  • Business Corporate Etiquette
  • Email Etiquette
  • Job Hunting
  • Find Jobs using Social Media
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Business Etiquette


From this program, you will be learning how to stand out in your job interview process. Strengthen your interpersonal skills, leadership skills, negotiation skills. Prepare yourself for any job interview with this training. Learn Analytical skills, Decision-making skills, Interpersonal skills, Public speaking skills. Enhance your Resume and stand out in the crowd. Know the technical aspects of soft skills- the techniques and the knowledge.

Good preparation is essential to a successful job interview. Here’s our guide to the basics you’ll need to cover to plan and practice your performance.

When you’ve been invited for an interview, your thoughts naturally turn to giving a winning performance on the day. A bit like exams, interviews can creep up on you, but good preperation is the key to success.

Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience for the applicant and a time-consuming exercise for the hiring company. However, they play a key role in determining whether the company and candidate will make an effective match. As such, the interviewing process provides a great deal of value for the company and candidate alike.

So, here’s a checklist to signpost you to areas you may want to address. Some of it may seem a bit obvious but, because many people don’t interview frequently, it’s worth reminding yourself of the process.


Plan as far in advance as possible

Work on answers to the most common interview questions. The “tell me about yourself” or “talk me Read carefully through the job and person specification, identifying your experiences that demonstrate the skills or knowledge gained. Again, practise articulating each one. Writing down an answer is a good way to do this — reading it aloud, recording yourself or having a mock interview is even better.


Making an Impression

Though the candidate’s resume, cover letter and job application give interviewers an overview of her background and skills, the interview may be the best chance the candidate has to make a favorable impression. For better or worse, the candidate’s physical appearance and ability to handle herself during the questioning will leave a lasting impression and play a vital role in the interviewer’s decision-making process. The interviewer also uses the process to assess the candidate’s personality to determine if she would be a good fit for the organization.


Exchanging Information

The job interview serves as a two-way street for the exchange of information. The interviewer has the opportunity to learn more about the candidate’s background and can also impart more in-depth information about the company and the various duties the job entails. The candidate also has the chance to ask questions to gain additional insight regarding the expectations of the job and to get a better feel for the organization’s culture.


What the importance of an effective resume?

It’s an advertising tool to market you.

It’s the first point of contact with the potential employer.

What’s the difference between a Resume/CV and a Bio-Data?

Initial preparation needed- Setting the career direction and preparing a self SWOT.


A group discussion (GD) is a method of interaction and communication between people of similar backgrounds who have come together for a common purpose. Unstructured group discussions are used by organizations as evaluation and screening methods to select suitable candidates for managerial and other positions. Institutes of higher education also use group discussions to screen applicants to management and technical Programs. A group discussion is usually used in combination with the personal interview and the written test, as a part of the selection procedure, where the number of candidates is large and needs to be shortlisted. Since the objective of the assessor is elimination of unsuitable candidates and selection of suitable ones, the participants need to perform optimally and display their capabilities within the stipulated time for the discussion.


Program Objectives:

This Program is a treatise on the art of making candidates adept at facing interviews and providing useful inputs to interviewers. Though interviewers try to look for integrity, motivation and perseverance in candidates, the final decision is often based on gut feel. If the candidate feels right to the interviewer, then the job is most likely to be in the bag.



This Program helps you:

– Get a chance to hone your resume/CV making skills.

– Learn how to cope with your interviewer’s style.

– Find out how adept you are at tackling interviews.

– Learn to control the pace of your interview.


What are the requirements?

– The willingness to learn and apply immediately

– Strong determination, perseverance and motivation

– Willingness to apply learning and put it into practice

– A PC with internet


What am I going to get from this Program?

– Over 13 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!

– Learn how to cope with your interviewer’s style.

– Find out how adept you are at tackling interviews.

– Learn how to answer the Probable Interview questions


What is the target audience?

– Graduates seeking for a corporate job

– Professional who are looking to transit to corporate jobs

– Students seeking an internship



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Sample Certificate



Bettie van Straaten

Sampled eduCBA online course and liked it

Sampled a beginner's course in subject which I know fairly well in order to assess the quality of content (this as part of a free trial period). The content was informative. It took me some time to get used to the presenter's pronounciation but this did not detract from the quality of the content. The webpage takes a few seconds to load, longer than other online courses, but no break or buffering happened during each session. The choice of free courses for the trial period is limited, I would have preferred a wider bouquet to choose from and there are plenty to choose from in the catalog, it is also well organized and easy to reference. Worth it to try!



There are too many good points to list! The course was very relevant to my job and will help me in most aspects of my work. The hands-on practical training sessions were very good. The trainer got the learning message across by breaking everything down into simplified sections.Handout material was very good as there is a lot of information in them that will help me in my job.

Warda Narejo

Certified Resume Writer

This course was really helpful and it aided in my already-present job as an HR Executive! I highly recommend this course! They present real-life scenarios and give valuable info regarding resume making, which actually works in the corporate world. You will learn about important points on resume making as well as scanning resumes if you are an HR professional!



It is good. I understand that the intent of business case development is to compile a single document that contains both the technical and management information required to assess the readiness of a Major, Enterprise or Multi-agency project to proceed. It came to my knowledge on Project Execution Plan we have in our site which is a guide for our deliverable and importance of role of stakeholders that we should have a proper communication management strategy within the project.

David Mizrahi


I learned lots, and I will review the course multiple times. I feel like there is a bit of a language (accent) barrier, but it is worth overcoming for the knowledge. However, if you are an auditory learner, this might be too much of a hurdle to overcome. There are other programs, but I cannot attest to their quality as I can for this one. I hope this helps.

Olga Muranova

Introduction to Resume Writing Is Fun!

In my opinion, it was a very illustrative and pretty comprehensive introduction into resume writing. Perhaps it would be nice if more technologies were incorporated into this and other similar online courses (including some online games and other online resources for learning new techniques, videoconferencing and chats, social networking sites, etc.). It would also be good if it could be possible to work on our own CVs/resumes, cover letters, some scripts related to the topic of the course, etc. and submit them online so that the instructor could provide some feedback on our current variants of those documents. But it was nice that many questions were covered by the instructor in the videos included in the course. This was pretty helpful for developing our basic knowledge and skills connected with searching for a job. So I'm sure that it's a pretty cool learning resource for everybody either making the first step into the world of job search or refining one's previous skills of resume writing.

Paul Thomas Everts Jr.

Great Intro To Communications

This was a very fantastic course to learn the basics of professional communications. The instructor was very understandable and had a wonderful voice to listen to. They covered everything in a very well thought manner and kept a steady pace as they changed slides. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing to brush up on their professional communication.

Avinash Lengure

Personality Development and Soft Skills Trainer

Its very helpful and informative course to know about interview and prepare to get through successful in any interview. As Personality Development and Soft Skills Trainer , my job is to train trainees for BFSI and CIDC Sector Skills Council for employability skills. This is course has proved as a guidelines.

Bharath D Jain

Job Interview

We all need this skill, because we need to know how to prepare for a job, today for every job we have on an average of 10 persons, thus it becomes hard, the amount of job opening keeps reducing and the amount person willing to work increases, but it does not stop till there. Their are persons who also wants to learn how to take interview and this helps them. A good job interview is always the best impression, because it is the first impression.

Ronanki Pradeep Kumar


Firstly i would like to thank EDUCBA for providing this course. Coming to the course it's very useful for any student who are are going to appear for campus drive interviews. As it helped me a lot because i am in MBA final appearing for placements and this training built some confidence to tackle the interviews. I recommended everyone to go through this course.

Eric Diamond

Mass Communication for Business - Review

Mass Communication for Business is a very helpful introductory course, or refresher course, for preparing yourself or your team for helping your business reach the world. There can be a number of pitfalls and dangers in spreading your message, and awareness of your business and business message to the world. Do yourself a favor and take this course prior to embarking on a public message for the fist time.

Debdeep Ghosh

Managing Team Creativity

Breakthrough Course :The course has been very extensive & well defined.It had helped me a lot to correctly brush up my Team Handling Skills & helped me use the same in real life scenarios. It can act as an apt tool & I feel many organisation can make it mandatory for people who are promoted to Team handling positions.

Redouane Boudina

Excellent course

I didn't expect that I would learn so much from this course but I got to admit that I was wrong. I'm so surprised on the level of details and insight that I was able to learn from this Job hunting course, both academic and practical knowledge. so I would like to thank you for the great effort done by the instructor to give clear explanations and examples. i have to admit that the things I ve learned here are so valuable and hard to find somewhere else. thank you thank you educba

Erik Hatfiled

Good Information on how to negotiate salary

There is a lot of good information in this course. For anyone who takes this course I recommend going through it a couple of times to reinforce the material and to make sure you are adequately prepared. As with anything practice is key and negotiating for your salary is no different. The speaker does repeat some of the information and topics covered, but I think that is to reinforce what she is talking about. For anyone who is looking for a new job or just wants to learn some new skills for negotiating their salary, this course is a good start.

Eduardo Ladrón de Guevara García

Nice course on Job Interviews

The course gives good tips about job interviews and it helps to clarify and get over certain fears that job seekers might experience. To improve the experience I would only add english subtitles to the videos since sometimes might be a bit difficult to understand all the video in the first try. It was a nice course and I appreciate the tips and explanations that the instructo gave, since the situations explained in the videos happen all the time when someone wants, not only to get a new job but to improve their salary.


Great knowledge & experience

I really loved the course. The videos are not lengthy, that will help the concerned student to repeat it as many times as he wants and it is very easy to understand and full of examples. This is really a job of professional teacher. With these kinds of courses someone who follows the courses with care and attention, will be able to put it in practice. I love educba, you are the best

Vaishnav Deepak Kanhaiyalal

Email Etiquette Course

Perfect course to understand how to draft a business email. Step by step explanation provided helped to understand the things in an apt manner. Practical approach implemented in the course tutorial was very helpful to get better insights.

Eric Diamond

Group Dynamics - Teams & Team Works - Review

Group Dynamics - Teams & Team Works is an excellent introductory or refresher course for anyone who anticipates leading, organizing, or participating in any team exercises be they short or long term in nature. Improving your personal team building skills is an essential capability for anyone to have in today's high powered workplace.

Frederic Harmignies

Leadership Training Bundle

Great course on all concepts of leadership. It was very clear and concise information on what is to be a good leader. Maybe its missing a bit of clear examples, but sufficient get a basic ideas on the concepts. Also there is a bit of volume differences between each video, but the trainers seem to be experienced, which is always nice.

Eric Diamond

Improve Body language and Gain confidence

Improve Body language and Gain confidence is an excellent introductory, or refresher course in nonverbal communication. With the vast majority of person to person communication being nonverbal it is critical to have at least a basic understanding of body language, both for your own use, and to properly read other's. This course will provide you with all you need to know for standard, in person meetings.


  1. Can I access this course from anywhere?

Yes, you can definitely access this course from anywhere & everywhere. Once you are registered for this Online Training Bundle, you will get your own login credentials which you can use to access the video materials and other contents from anywhere.

  1. Is there a Classroom Training available for this Online Training?

All our courses are available online so as to enable any user, who may have limited time, to study his courses of choice online. The training materials are accessible 24*7 for the users.

  1. Who are the Instructors for this Online Training?

The instructors are Industry based professional who have had tons of experience in the field of Online Training. All the courses in this bundle are based on Industry based standards. Also the courses have been started from Scratch to get the participant well-acquainted with each and every Online Training concept.

  1. Are there any Certification Courses for Online Training available in this Online Training bundle?

Yes, there are certification courses available for the same in this Ultimate Online Training Bundle. To name a few- PMI-ACP Exam Prep – PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Training, PMP Exam Prep Training, NCFM based Modules, ITIL Modules, CFA Training etc.

  1. When will I receive my certificate for any course?

You will receive certificate for completing each course in the Online Training Bundle. Once you have seen more than 70% of the training material in any course, you can issue your certificate.

  1. Are there any Pre-requisites for enrolling to this Online Training Bundle?

No, there are no pre-requisites for this training. Anyone who is keen to learn about specific Industry based domains can enroll for this Ultimate bundle.

  1. Will I get any technical Support during my Training at eduCBA?

Yes, you will be getting technical Support from eduCBA. In case you have any technical issue, you can drop us a mail or call us to get your doubts cleared.

  1. What are the Payment Options?

There are both Online & Offline Payment options available. In online payment options you pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking. In offline payment option you can deposit Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft.

  1. What if I have more Queries?

Just drop us a mail on info@educba.com

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