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  • Android Nougat Mobile Application Developer
    2 courses
  • Android Marshmallow Mobile App Developer
    2 courses
  • Android Lollipop Mobile Application Developer
    5 courses
  • Become a Complete Android Developer
    47 courses
  • Become a Complete iOS Developer
    45 courses
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Skills you will master

  • Multi-Window Support
  • Detecting Multi Window Mode
  • Unresizable Activities
  • Picture Mode
  • Drag and Drop Demo
  • Scoped Directory Access
  • Direct Reply from Notifications
  • Direct Boot
  • Notifications Enhancements
  • Multi Window Support
  • Install and Settings
  • Android
  • Marshmallow
  • Mobile Apps
  • Android Architecture
  • Activity
  • Intent
  • User Interface
  • Time Picker
  • Date Picker


Build amazing mobile apps in Android, iOS, Phonegap. We have courses on Android, iOS, PhoneGap and many more showing practically how you will make mobile apps. Start from scratch, go on to develop apps for your personal mobile. Excel professionally building amazing apps for your organization. Essential Online Courses for Coders, App Designers, Programmers, Students.

Over the years, EDUCBA has become the training standard for professional services firms, business professionals, and undergraduate and graduate students. Our extremely practical high-quality video library of courses serve professionals and students from all the leading global firms and top Institutes.

In an average month, we train 10,000+ aspiring professionals and students for their future roles.


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Become a Complete Android Developer View All
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  1. Can I access this course from anywhere?

Yes, you can definitely access this course from anywhere & everywhere. Once you are registered for this Online Training Bundle, you will get your own login credentials which you can use to access the video materials and other contents from anywhere.

  1. Is there a Classroom Training available for this Online Training?

All our courses are available online so as to enable any user, who may have limited time, to study his courses of choice online. The training materials are accessible 24*7 for the users.

  1. Who are the Instructors for this Online Training?

The instructors are Industry based professional who have had tons of experience in the field of Online Training. All the courses in this bundle are based on Industry based standards. Also the courses have been started from Scratch to get the participant well-acquainted with each and every Online Training concept.

  1. Are there any Certification Courses for Online Training available in this Online Training bundle?

Yes, there are certification courses available for the same in this Ultimate Online Training Bundle. To name a few- PMI-ACP Exam Prep – PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Training, PMP Exam Prep Training, NCFM based Modules, ITIL Modules, CFA Training etc.

  1. When will I receive my certificate for any course?

You will receive certificate for completing each course in the Online Training Bundle. Once you have seen more than 70% of the training material in any course, you can issue your certificate.

  1. Are there any Pre-requisites for enrolling to this Online Training Bundle?

No, there are no pre-requisites for this training. Anyone who is keen to learn about specific Industry based domains can enroll for this Ultimate bundle.

  1. Will I get any technical Support during my Training at eduCBA?

Yes, you will be getting technical Support from eduCBA. In case you have any technical issue, you can drop us a mail or call us to get your doubts cleared.

  1. What are the Payment Options?

There are both Online & Offline Payment options available. In online payment options you pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking. In offline payment option you can deposit Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft.

  1. What if I have more Queries?

Just drop us a mail on info@educba.com


Scott Beasley


Good very good course overall

This course was a very good introduction to Windows 10 and UWP. It gives you a good overview of Windows 10 and a great UWP development foundation. Much is covered and includes sections on the basics, XAML introduction, controls (i.e. TextBox, TextBlock, etc.) Control Layouts, Multimedia, Web api consumption and much more. For the price, it was hard to beat it’s value.

Álvaro Domínguez López


Good Starting Point

Good introduction to the ecosystem of Windows 10 and the evolution that Windows operating system has followed in recent years. In addition, some theoretical foundations on UWP are explained and a first contact is made with the development of UWP in Visual Studio.

I thought it was a good course and a good starting point.

Shawn Truesdell


Xcode 7 for iOS Review

This course, is a good practical introduction to the use of Xcode for the development of iOS applications. It takes you through the history of the Xcode development lifecycle, its features and how to use the development environment. I have been using Xcode for a few months prior to taking this course and this helped filling some gaps I was missing on how to do certain tasks in Xcode and introduced me to some very helpful shortcuts.

By the end of the course you learn how to build a basic app based on the Apple “Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift)” tutorial. For the most part the course is quite helpful, unfortunately due to some minor error introduced into the code in the 3rd to last video, the application does not work as intended, but is easily fixed.

All in all if you are new to the Xcode environment this is a recommended course to help familiarise yourself with Xcode and the basics of the Swift language.

Muzammil Nadaf


iOS App Development using Core Data

EduCBA is providing well-designed courses for Freshers as well as for experienced employees. This course of iOS Application development using basic core data or information gives a better understanding of creating a simple App for iOS. It is one of the best course for simple understanding of the concept in iOS App development. Thank you, EduCBA for providing such courses.

Anantha Eswar R


Great course

It’s a Great course to learn more about Android development. Instructor teaches very well throughout the course and explains in detail that makes us to understand well. It covers many parts in the Android Application development using Android Studio. I recommend this course to Beginners who like to learn about Android development.

Patel Shahista Shabbir


Loved this Android Tutorial

The course was as per my expectation. I had expected a lot from this course since I had previously completed a course on Excel through educba.com. The Android course was as good as the Excel course. Simple and easy to understand.I am capable of creating Android Apps. Looking forward for a few more courses on educba.com .Thank you..

Anantha Eswar


Good course

This course is really well presented. Easy to follow and understand. I will recommend this course to beginners so that they cab easily understand the concepts of Android.

Rishabh Shukla


eduCBA- great site

eduCBA is a very relevant site to learn online courses. The videos are very easy to understand. There are numbers of website providing online courses but eduCBA is a unique website who provides relevant content and there are many factors such as content, quality of videos which makes this website best.

Balaprasad Vitthalrao Bhojane


Good Virtual Learning Platform

This is Really Good and Easy To Learn Platform. Contents Are Well Managed. Practical Demonstration is Awesome.The Language of Video demonstration is easy so that is very is to understand concepts easily. All Videos are Managed in Effective way and it Enables to Learn the overall concepts in Basic To Advanced level.

Balaprasad Vitthalrao Bhojane


Very Useful course

The social media integration is really helpful course. It helped me to implement facebook based login system for my app. The website is very easy to navigate. Overall, Awesome course and would recommend to my friends.



iOS App – Develop Universal Apps in iOS using Core Data

Course contents are good. everything is explained in detail and was organized in a very student friendly manner. They take up the concepts from the beginning, so they make course very easy for anybody. it will help me a lot in developing IOS App. I found this to be a great refresher course to prepare for more advanced ones.

Balaprasad Vitthalrao Bhojane


Very Useful

This course has provided all the basics related to Android App development. The instructor has explained SDK very nicely. Overall content is good and very easy to learn.

Udbhav Singhal


Had a great experience .

I would like to thanks educba for providing such amazing courses to students. I had enrolled for iOS apps training course through educba. I liked the course very much. Great learning experience




The content of this course is quite useful for the beginners and it shows interaction towards the development of apps in core data.The use of swift language is simple and i want to learn more about core data.
From this videos, I got the basic knowledge about the iOS app development for the iPhone and more.