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Joomla Training

6 Online Courses

14+ Hours

Verifiable Certificate of Completion

Lifetime Access



  • Joomla Getting Started
    2h 03m
  • Joomla Menus
    2h 03m
  • Joomla Modules
    2h 23m
  • Joomla Global Settings
    1h 43m
  • Joomla Advanced Tutorial
    4h 05m
  • Joomla Additional Readings
    2h 09m
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Skills you will master

  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • Zencart
  • Phpbb
  • OSCommerce
  • PHP

Online Joomla Training Course

This Joomla Training Course includes 6 comprehensive Joomla courses with 14+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. It is an amazing collection of practical and hands-on learning of the most updated training programs and projects in the area of Joomla Content Management System (CMS). You will also get verifiable certificates (unique certification number and your unique URL) when you complete each of the 6 courses. This training will help you learn about web development through Joomla right from scratch which includes the installation, various menus, and its creation, working around with modules and its global settings.


About Joomla Training Course

Course Name Online Joomla Training Bundle
Deal You get access to all 6 courses bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.
Hours 14+ Video Hours
Core Coverage Web development through Joomla right from scratch
Course Validity Lifetime Access
Eligibility Anyone who is serious about learning Joomla and wants to make a career in web development
Pre-Requisites It is advisable to have prior knowledge of CMS concepts to learn this Joomla training easily
What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 6 courses
Certification Type Course Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your Resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced data analysis skills
Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning
Software Required Open Source – Joomla Software
System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher
Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Joomla Course Curriculum

To enable and enhance more learning experience to the learners for this Joomla training course, it was considered to design the training modules in such a way that the concepts are easily understood and learned in a comfortable manner, including the hands-on web content management system in multiple chapters. This Joomla training course will allow the learners to easily grasp the concepts. The list of modules and courses are mentioned in the below course curriculum for Joomla training and all the courses with a complete description of modules are available for the learners.

Serial No. Course Name Course Description
1 Joomla training modules on basics tutorial and getting started. This Joomla certification course has several concepts described in course curriculum like Introduction to Joomla training, Advantages and Joomla architecture, Joomla system requirements, MySQL setup for Joomla, installation, article toolbar, category toolbar, media toolbar, module template toolbar, language toolbar and global toolbar etc.
2 Joomla training modules on Menus and its usage In this chapter, the topics in this module are Menu, content menu, System information, Article Menu, Newsfeed Menu, Joomla News, External Menu, Login Menu, Register Menu, Tag Menu, iFrame Menu, Joomla News, Search Menu and Smart Search Menu etc.
3 Joomla training modules on its several Joomla modules In this module, the concepts covered are such as breadcrumb modules, feed display modules, footer module, search module, creating a search module, Menu Assignment, Random Image module, Syndication Feed module, who’s online module, create Pay pal donation module and Sticky Options.
4 Joomla training modules on Global settings in Joomla CMS In this module, the different chapters explained are System and site setting, Global Configuration System and Site Setting, Permission and Text Filter Setting, Global Configuration – Component, Component Article and Banner, Cache and Plugin, User and Search etc.
5 Joomla training modules on advanced concepts and its tutorial In this course, the modules explained are Introduction to Template Manager, customize template, adding template, adding content, Formatting content, Category Management, adding a banner, adding content, adding Forum, plugin, and Extension Manager etc. with few examples.
6 Joomla training modules on Additional reading concepts In this module, the additional concepts covered are Easy Joomla backup, Installation of Easy Joomla backup, creating full backup in EJB, creating cronjob on UNIX, restoring cronjob, Importing file in EJB, Joomla welcome web page, duplicate URLs, robots and metadata in Joomla.

What is  Joomla?

Joomla is a web content management system software which is free and open source to use. It was developed by Open Source Matters Inc. and Joomla Community developers. It was purely written in PHP programming language. It was initially released in the year 2005. It was licensed under GNU General Public License. It is based on MVC design model framework. It supports different cross-platform operating systems. The several features of this Joomla open source software are – it supports multiple languages of more than 70 across the globe, Search Engine Optimization feature, extensions support, user and menu management including cache management, flexible to use, and also free to use. It also contains built-in SEO tools.

Joomla is generally used for web content publishing for rich articles. It can also be run on LAMP stack to publish the web content frequently. It can also be installed on the Microsoft web platform. Joomla has also a large community which holds conferences every year. It has also a support of many extensions.

What tangible skills will I learn from this Joomla Training course?

  • The set of skills that can be learned up on completion of this Joomla training are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Zencart, OS Commerce, Phpbb, PHP etc. along with some Web content related software frameworks.
  • Joomla training contain many productive chapters and modules in its course curriculum which are very useful in learning web content related technical skills such as data analysis, WordPress, graphics designing, web content managing and configuring etc.
  • There are also a several set of skills which can be acquired being part of Joomla training such as Menus, Modules, global settings and configuration and few other advanced features etc.
  • There are many web content related frameworks which are used to develop web content but Joomla being open source having lot of features will benefit the learners with advanced and high enabled features.
  • The Joomla training has a set of tangible skills such as PHP, and its coding standards, Web Contents, WordPress, Settings and Web content administration and management etc.
  • This Joomla training is utilized in developing web contents to publish the web data of any other information that needs to be publicized.

Certificate of Completion

Joomla Training

Pre-requisites to Joomla Training

  • Willingness to pursue a career as Web content Developer or WordPress Developer: The Joomla training course has set of few prerequisites to be matched before proceeding with learning this Joomla training are such as PHP programming, web content knowledge, WordPress basic knowledge, or any other web content development is recommended. It requires basic to at intermediate knowledge level in any we content technologies or web PHP programming language or any relevant hands-on experience in the web content development technologies will be adding benefits to this Joomla training. It will become difficult for learners who are willing to learn this Joomla training course without any knowledge web content.
  • Knowledge in Web Content or PHP or WordPress based frameworks: Any relevant experience or knowledge in WordPress or PHP frameworks or in developing web content using PHP or WordPress or Drupal or Magento related to web-based applications will add an advantage in learning the contents of this Joomla training in order to proceed with its contents and the course curriculum easily and in a very fast manner.

Target Audience for this Joomla Course

  • Students of Engineering / Technology in Computers: If the learner is a student of any technical bachelor degree holder or engineering degree holder in pure technical discipline in computer science related or computing technological fields related, then the Joomla training is an added advantage to the career and also gains much amount of knowledge in the web content area using Joomla and its relative web content frameworks in the Joomla training course. It will add a lot of benefits after completion of this Joomla training course and its contents including the course curriculum. This training is a well-designed and useful for any technical professional to advance of the learners’ career easily. This course contains a package of many modules with complete content in a comprehensive manner in such a way provide learners with the course contents in an easy manner including hands-on training.
  • Joomla Developer or Word Press or PHP Web Developer: In this Joomla training learners will be able to utilize the best of the learning contents from this training which will advance the career as a Word Press or Web PHP Developer or any Web Content Developer.  This Joomla training course is a highly recommended course for any web content or web PHP or word press developers working on Web content development side projects.
  • Computer’s Bachelors or Masters in Engineering/Science: Any Bachelor’s or Master’s in Computers Science Degree or engineering discipline can opt this Joomla training course to easily clear any PHP Web or Word Press Developer interview in order to secure a job either in campus placements or direct job interview positions.

Career Benefits of this Training on Joomla

There are a lot of career benefits on learning this Joomla training and its training contents and curriculum which are mentioned as:

  1. This Joomla training is an excellent in-depth knowledge and refreshing course with pure technical and hands-on video content for any fresher or experienced Web Content or Word Press developer.
  2. Any Word Press or PHP or web content developer can opt for this Joomla training in order to make their career elevated several levels up such as Data Analyst Joomla Developer, PHP Web Developer, Software Developer, Word Press Developer, Software Engineer, Graphic & Web Designer, Team Leader and PHP Programmer.
  3. There are also several career benefits on opting this Joomla training such as this certification can be attached to the learners resume with course completion certificate that will add benefits in getting job opportunities.

Joomla Course FAQ’s- General Questions

Why should I choose this Joomla training?

Any Web Content Developer or Web PHP development professional in the area of Web content who are willing to master and learn the Web PHP or Word Press or its relative frameworks should choose this Joomla training course. To attain greater heights in the area of web development or Web PHP developer career, one should opt for this Joomla training course.

I don’t have a background in computer science or web content technologies or technical engineering, can this Joomla training still be considered a good option?

YES, this can be considered by any learner having basic knowledge in web standards or technologies. This can also be learnt without knowing PHP programming. This Joomla training can be easily mastered in a shorter time.

Would this course add value to my profession?

Yes. this course would add value to the learner’s profession and also benefits a lot which includes course certifications.

Is this a quick-fix to clear interview or do I still need to practice continuously while learning this Joomla Training Course?

Yes, this is a quick fix without any expertise or knowledge in Web PHP or web content related development and its relative frameworks. If one is having no knowledge in web technologies or PHP language or Word Press can still be a great refresher for the learners’ contents and curriculum which is designed in a comprehensive manner that requires to invest 22 plus hours of video content.

Sample Preview of this Joomla Training Course

Category Toolbar
Module Permissions




Joomla Training Course Testimonials


Great training

This Joomla training is the best among the existing Joomla courses and the course content and quality of videos content is excellent related to Web content development using Word press or Web PHP programming. This is best ever recommended course in the market for any Web content or Web PHP or Word press developer career aspirants in the web content development area.


Sagar Jain



My EDUCBA course

This is one of the best training courses ever in the present Joomla training courses available with quality video content and real-time hands-on videos for Web Content development and Web PHP programming from EduCBA Academy. This Joomla training course can be preferred for complete course content by any Web Content or WordPress engineers.


Shaun Lim