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Cyber Security Course

15 Online Courses

77+ Hours

Verifiable Certificate of Completion

Lifetime Access



  • Web Application Security with OWASP Top 10 - Beginners
    7h 16m
  • Web Application Security with OWASP Top 10 - Advanced
    7h 42m
  • Certified Ethical Hacker V9
    9h 29m
  • Hacking Techniques & IT Security Fundamentals
    2h 18m
  • Hacking Techniques & IT Security Hacking and Data Mining
    2h 59m
  • Cryptography, SQL Injection and Wi-Fi
    3h 28m
  • Wireless Hacking
    2h 03m
  • Certified Ethical Hacking
    14h 06m
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Skills you will master

  • Web Application Security
  • Testing
  • Certified Ethical Hacking
  • CEH
  • Hacking Techniques
  • IT Security
  • ICMP scanning
  • hacking NetBIOS
  • Computer Security
  • Cyber Crime
  • Cyber Security
  • Hacker
  • Cryptography
  • Caesar
  • Cryptanalysis
  • Wireless Hacking
  • Penetration Testing
  • Kali Linux
  • VMware

 Online Cyber Security Training Course

This Cyber Security certification course includes  15 comprehensive cyber security courses with 77+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. You will also get verifiable certificates (unique certification number and your unique URL) when you complete each of the 15 courses.

This Cyber Security certification is package of different courses and modules on Cyber Security and its related hacking and security techniques. It consists of multiple modules in the Cyber Security course including certifications also. It contains several other modules that contain internet network security, several hacking techniques such as ethical hacking etc. This Cyber Security course content has the list of comprehensive modules and chapters with detailed courses in the video format and hands-on courses.

To enable rich learning experience to the learners of this Cyber Security certification, the list of the complete courses and chapters are given the form of course curriculum for the course with the complete description of this course chapters.

About Cyber Security Course Certification

Course Name Online Cyber Security Certification Course Bundle
Deal You get access to all 15 courses bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.
Hours 77+ Video Hours
Core Coverage Certified Ethical Hacking, Web Application Security with OWASP, Certified Ethical Hacker V9, Hacking Techniques & IT Security, Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
Course Validity Lifetime Access
Eligibility Anyone who is serious about learning cyber security and wants to make a career in Cloud computing/Data & Analytics
Pre-Requisites Basis Cloud computing concepts
What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 8 courses
Certification Type Course Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your Resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills
Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning
Software Required Microsoft Azure
System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher
Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Online Cyber Security Course Curriculum

In this section, each module of the training is explained briefly:

Serial No. Course Name Course Description
1 Computer Network and Internet Security This Cyber security certification contains several concepts mentioned in course curriculum such as Computer Network and Internet, What is Network, Important aspects of Networking, Types of computer networking, Advantages of networking, Network devices overview and details, wireless technology and its applications, internet applications, FTP, search engine, retrieving documents from the web, advancement in web technologies.
2 Hacking training course In this chapter, the topics covered are Introduction, General Hacking methods, Protecting Online identity, Internet Phishing, Anti Phishing, Hacking, Data Mining, Spam, Cyber Terrorism, More on Data Mining, Cryptography, SQL Injection, Wi-Fi, Wireless Hacking and its advanced concepts.
3 Certified Ethical Hacking course In this cyber security module, the concepts included are Introduction to Ethical Hacking, what is Ethical Hacking, Types of Attacks, Ethical Hacking Commandments, Basic Necessary tools, Footprinting and Reconnaissance, Scanning, Enumerating Targets, other operating systems, Android hacking, Wireless hacking, Digital Forensics, Hacking Computers, Cracking Windows, Web attacks.
4 Hacking Techniques and IT Security – The Fundamentals, Hacking & Data Mining, Cryptography SQL Injection, and Wi-fi, Wireless Hacking In this module, the concepts are Introduction to General Hacking Methods, Internet Phishing and Anti Phishing, types of hacker attacks and spoofing, web spoofing and session hijacking, buffer overflow attacks, public and private keys, AES, RSA, Wireless hacking, fake AP wi-fi tool, access points etc.
5 Ethical Hacking Penetration testing – basics, social engineering and trojan, Meterpreter, DNS and ICMP, Hacking, Metasploit, SQL Injection and Cryptography In this cyber security certification, the modules explained are Introduction to ethical hacking and penetration testing, Installation of Kali Linux, operating systems, installing VMware tools, footprinting tools, and objectives, google hacking, WHOIS lookup, DNS  footprinting, phishing attacks, Nmap, ZenMap, Harvester, WHOIS and dnsenum, Dnsrecon, DNS mapping, spear phishing and mass mailer attack,  Rootkit hunter installation, backdoor and maintaining access, hacking win7 SAM database, jack the ripper, Meterpreter commands. password cracking, hacking through android, msfconsole, generating payloads, birthday theorem, and digital signature.
6 Certified Ethical Hacker V9 In this cybersecurity training module, the concepts covered are Introduction to certified ethical hacker v9, types of attacks, footprinting and recon, scanning network and enumeration, system hacking, bypassing Linux passwords, Metasploit, Web Application Pen testing, Cloud Security.
7 Web Application Security with OWASP Top 10 – Beginners It contains Introduction to Basic OWASP application security training, SSL Implementation myth, Burp Suit and Nykto, understanding arbitrary inputs, key problems in application security, web application concepts works, Appsec – core defense mechanisms, application requests and responses, OWASP top 10.
8 Web Application Security with OWASP Top 10 – Advanced It contains Introduction to Advanced OWASP application security training, getting started, SQL injection and its types, Intro to SQLi, vulnerability – SQL injection, Blind and Boolean, time based SQLi, time based SQLi preventing SQL injections, cross-site scripting and its types, Introduction to XML and AJAX, DOM-based XSS, Reflected XSS, Persistent XSS, Metasploit shell with XSS, broken auth and session management, Cross Site Request Forgery, Missing Function Level Access Control, Understanding Burpsuite capabilities, Metasploit and other tools.

Certificate of Completion

Cyber Security Course


What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is a field of computer science which deals with the security of computing systems or web applications. Cyber Security can also be called as Information Technology Security or Computer Security which is defined as the protection of the computer systems and its software hardware and especially the data residing in the hardware from any external damages from other internetworks. The attack can be in any form from other networks such as a virus or direct attack through network. It also contains concepts that will identify the vulnerabilities in the system to get them fixed before any attacker makes to avoid any potential attack. The main elements of cyber security are Integrity, Availability, Authenticity, and Confidentiality. Firewalls play an important role in the Network security which comes under Cyber Security.

The main goals of the cybersecurity are to protect and preserve the confidentiality of the valuable data and maintaining the authorization of the users. Data Security is the main concern for the cyber security compared to the other software and hardware losses if any occurs. Cyber Security plays a major role in safeguarding and securing the computer systems software, hardware and data.

What tangible skills will I learn from this Cyber Security course?

  • The set of skills which can be acquired upon the completion of this Cyber Security certification training are web application security, OWASP, testing, CEH, certified ethical hacking, computer security, Cyber Crime prevention, hacking, cryptography etc. and including with some other web security technologies.
  • Cyber Security course also has many excellent modules and packages covered in the course curriculum which are very useful in learning the web security and hacking related skills such as ICMP Scanning, Security testing, IT Security, Crypto analysis, wireless hacking, VMWare, trojans, social engineering, penetration testing, ZenMap, DNS, ICMP, computer network, internet security and several other skills related to IT Security.
  • There are also few other skills which can be acquired from this Cyber Security course are such as UrlCrazy, Forensic escaping, Android hacking, Meterpreter, Metasploit, password cracking, prompt backdoor and few other cyber security techniques.
  • The Cyber Security course also has a set of tangible skills which are Harvester, WHOIS, Nmap, Dnsmapping, Dnsrecon, Msfconsole etc.
  • This Cyber Security course is very useful for the prospective ethical hackers and cyber security professional in order to protect the computer systems in any larger organizations where customer data is essential and of high importance.

Pre-requisites to Cyber Security Training

  • Willingness to pursue career as Cyber Security Engineer or Ethical Hacker or IT Security Professional: The Cyber Security course has a set of few prerequisites which are required to proceed further with the course content of this Cyber Security course are such as UNIX or Linux basics, networking, any programming languages such as C++ or Java or JavaScript or Python or any object oriented or web related programming languages. This Cyber Security course is easy to learn if one has a basic or intermediate knowledge in any web or its security technologies or any web programming language and hands on experience would be an added advantage in the cyber security area to complete this Cyber Security course.
  • Knowledge in Networking or UNIX OS or Web programming: Any previous experience or knowledge in the areas of networking or UNIX operating systems or web programming languages or web security concepts or standards or any frameworks such as OWASP in maintaining the security of computer systems or web applications using the standard security techniques will add a greater benefit in learning the contents of this Cyber Security course very easily.

Target Audience for this Cyber Security Course

  • Students of Engineering in Computers: Any learner who is a student of computer science engineering or degree and strong in the networking and operating systems including with any computer programming language, then this Cyber Security course will be an added advantage to their academics and also can obtain more knowledge in the web security techniques using ethical cyber security techniques and its relative web security standards and frameworks in this course. This Cyber Security certification will add many other benefits upon completion of them. This Cyber Security course has been designed to advance career of any IT security related professional.
  • Security Engineer or Ethical Hacker: This Cyber Security course learners will be able to achieve more number skills from the learning contents of this certification which will further help in advancing the career as a Cyber Security Engineer or IT Security Professional or any White Hat Ethical Hacker. This Cyber Security course can be opted without any single thought because of its enormous job opportunities in the market. This Cyber Security course is highly recommended for any security engineer or Ethical hacker.
  • Bachelors or Masters of Computers in Engineering/Science: Any Bachelor or Master in Computers Science can opt for this Cyber Security certification to secure a job in any Web Security related or Ethical hacker roles easily in in any large organizations

Cyber Security Course FAQ’s- General Questions

Why should I choose this Cyber Security certification course?

Any IT Security Engineer or Cyber Security Professional or Ethical Hacker working in the area of Computer System or Web Security and are willing to master the Web security methods and concepts should choose this Cyber Security course.

I don’t have a background in computer science or web development technologies or technical engineering, can this Cyber Security course still be considered a good option?

YES, this course can be considered option even without any knowledge on computer concepts as this has no pre-requisite. Anyone who is interested in learning cyber security concepts can opt for this. This course concepts can be learnt easily without any previous knowledge in web security techniques and can be learned in shorter time.

Would this cyber security certification add value to my profession?

Yes. this course would definitely add value to the learners’ profile or profession and will also add a benefit that contains course certifications.

Is this a quick-fix to clear interview or do I still need to practice continuously while learning this Course?

Yes, this is can be a quick-fix without any previous knowledge or experience in Web technologies or web security related concepts or its relative IT security standards as this course will contain everything in detail. This Cyber Security course requires to spare a minimum of 77 plus hours to complete the video content.

Sample Preview of this Cyber Security Training 

Wireless Security
Meterpreter Backdoor




Career Benefits of this Training on Cyber Security

There are multiple career benefits upon learning this Cyber Security course and the course curriculum which are mentioned below:

  1. This Cyber Security certification is a complete package of courses for the computer systems or web security that gives deep knowledge in the web security concepts including hands-on video content for any Computer or IT security engineer.
  2. Any IT Security Engineer or Computer Security Engineer or Ethical Hacker can choose this Cyber Security course in order to master the security techniques and get the career elevated to a next level such as Information Security Consultant, Information Security Engineer, Security Analyst, Security Tester etc.
  3. There are also several other benefits in the career on choosing this Cyber Security certification such as the Cyber Security course certification can also be a part of your profile as a professional qualification for the learners thus further improving the job opportunities in the IT market.

Cyber Security Course Testimonials

Satao Soumana


CEH v9

Good course easy to follow the content. Very basic and well explained. I just did not give 4 stars because the course is too short. It’s actually so well explained and it was a great learning experience. I will recommend it to anyone. Clear instructions, step by step.

Satao Soumana


Ahmad Abu Alrashteh


Comprehensive Tutorial

This course is well arranged and informative and I think that the instructor put a lot of effort on it and he knows how to make the long story short. Clear, easy to understand and the instructor delivered the course in a very smooth way and covered a lot of topics.

Ahmad Abu Alrashteh


Vidal E. Jow



Great course and self-paced. I signed up for it but couldn’t complete during that year due to personal reasons, Few months down the line I could still access and complete this Cyber Security Certification. Videos are detailed and easy to understand. The demonstration also plays a vital role in helping newbies like me. I will definitely recommend this course.

Vidal E. Jow


Jonas D'Hondt


Easy and Interesting

This Cyber Security Certification was very nicely brought with a broad spectrum of skills, I would’ve added more advanced python courses myself but anything was welcome. For the Kali Linux part I already had a basic skill set so that was a breeze for me. Never used Mint before but I liked it a lot! I will use it again in the future for sure!

Jonas D’Hondt


Keith Roan


Interesting course

I found this Cyber Security Certification course on ethical hacking to be useful, informative, and practical. The instructor by all intents and purposes provided a good amount of information to anyone who is truly interested in pursuing ethical hacking. I would recommend this course for anyone interested in moving forward in hacking/cyber security.

Keith Roan