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ASP.NET Course

8 Online Courses

47+ Hours

Verifiable Certificate of Completion

Lifetime Access



  • ASP.NET Essentials
    8h 32m
    7h 07m
    4h 12m
  • Web Services with ASP.NET
    0h 32m
  • Signal-R in Asp.Net
    16h 21m
  • Signal-R in Asp.Net – Developing Professional Chat Application
    7h 09m
  • Ado.Net in C# Windows Application
    1h 33m
    3h 13m
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Skills you will master

  • Web Services
  • Signal-R
  • Chat Application
  • C#
  • Windows Application
  • Winforms

Online ASP.NET Training Course

This ASP.NET Certification Course includes comprehensive ASP.NET courses with 47+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. It is an amazing collection of practical and hands-on learning of the most updated training programs and projects in the area of ASP.NET Framework. You will also get verifiable certificates (unique certification number and your unique URL) when you complete each of the 8 courses. This training will help you learn about ASP.NET Essentials, ASP.NET MVC, Web Services with ASP.NET, Signal-R, and ADO.NET.


About ASP.NET Training Course

Course Name Online ASP.NET Training Course Bundle
Deal You get access to all 8 courses bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.
Hours 47+ Video Hours
Core Coverage ASP.NET Essentials, ASP.NET MVC, Web Services with ASP.NET, Signal-R, and ADO.NET
Course Validity Lifetime Access
Eligibility Anyone who is serious about learning ASP.NET Framework
Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge of web application and of any existing object-oriented programming languages like C++ or C# is recommended
What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 8 courses
Certification Type Course Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your Resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced data analysis skills
Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning
Software Required Open Source ASP.NET
System Requirement 2 GB RAM or higher
Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

ASP.NET Course Curriculum

To make the concepts and courses more-easier for learners like you, below is the list of comprehensive courses in ASP.NET described. You have to invest at least 45 plus hours to complete the below list of courses. Before proceeding further to know completely about the target audience, FAQs etc., let us have a look at the below list of courses described in the course curriculum as explained below

Serial No. Course Name Course Description
1 Online ASP .NET MVC training This ASP.NET course contains the concepts such as ASP.NET MVC 5 Introduction, first application, controller fundamentals, model fundamentals, URL Routing, View Fundamentals, Filters, Controllers in Depth, Views in depth, Areas and AJAX with detailed explanation and its conclusion finally.
2 Online ASP .NET Web API training In this next ASP.NET course, the concepts of Web API and its history along with an application and Routing, Controllers and Actions, Filters, Security and several other features etc. are also covered.
3 ADO .NET in WinForms In this course, the several concepts like Introduction to ADO .NET, Activex Data objects, Understanding the data tables, .NET data providers, few practical examples such as creating database accesses, updating forms, viewing records etc. different types of binding, Data row views, populating datasets with data adapters, detailed description of ADO.NET.
4 Complete ASP .NET training from scratch In this ASP.NET course, the complete ASP.NET training concepts from scratch are covered. The different concepts in ASP.NET course covers such as Introduction to ASP .NET, ASP .NET environment, lifecycle of ASP.NET, Event handling and server controls, server side objects and HTML server controls, client side ASP.NET, Basic controls of ASP.NET, Directives of ASP.NET, View state and Validator controls, Error handling and security, caching and configuration.
5 Developing chat application using Signal-R ASP .NET In this ASP.NET course, you will be able to learn about the development of an application using fundamentals of Signal-R, database design, project architecture setup, WCF service, configuring WCF service, designing front end and Signal-R hub, creating sign up functionality, design and development of chat screen functionalities.
6 Signal-R ASP .NET developing professional chat application like WhatsApp web part training In this ASP.NET course certification, the different chapters are group module designing, managing chat groups, binding group events, creating group elements, toggling selection mode, group member function, configuring group communication, working with group members, hub authorization and proxy generation.
7 Creating a currency converter using ASP .NET In this ASP.NET course training, you will learn on the development of web services and its components, consuming web services, adding web services to ASP.NET.
8 Introduction to ADO .NET in C# Windows Application In this ASP.NET course, the C# programming concepts along with ASP.NET framework such as ADO .NET objects and providers, web config, commands, inserting, updating and deleting.

Certificate of Completion

ASP.NET Course


What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is a web application framework for the server-side environment which is an open source software framework. It is completely written in .NET languages. It is one of the best server-side frameworks in the area of web application server-side development. To make you understand more about how the ASP.NET framework works, this is the ASP.NET course that has been designed in a well-organized way on how to implement and use the ASP.NET framework for the development of various applications in .NET related technologies or to develop web applications as well.

It is a type of web framework and its file extensions are of type .aspx, cshtml, .vbhtml etc. It has a Web API which can be used to develop the web pages for its dynamic web pages development. It supports several numbers of programming models such as Web Forms, MVC, Web Pages, Web API, WebHooks, Signal-R, and different Handlers, Ajax and Dynamic Data. It can be easily be integrated and run on IIS (Internet Information Services) by Microsoft.

Asp.NET can be used to develop web applications by using several tools such as Visual Studio Code, Adobe Dreamweaver, Delphi code, Microsoft SharePoint designer etc., Several third-party frameworks can also be integrated with ASP.NET such as Rapid Application Development (RAD) frameworks.

What tangible skills will I learn from this ASP.NET Training course?

  • The number of multiple skills can be mastered on completing this ASP.NET course such as .NET languages, ADO, ASP technologies and its related web application frameworks and also including some third-party integration features.
  • ASP.NET training modules also contain several web frameworks those which has set of multiple skills including such as application security features, caching, error handling, data records, in different application environments.
  • Also, several other parts of web applications such as web server, project configurations, environment deployments, and installations can also be learned.
  • Other ASP.NET course-related topics are Microsoft related security applications and its related APIs can also be easily learned.
  • This ASP.NET course has some set of skills such as .NET technologies frameworks such as Web API, Web Forms, Handlers, Creators etc.
  • ASP.NET course also contains custom web applications which are created from scratch that gives pure development experience to the learners in real-time manner.
  • ASP.NET course also contains different distributed applications, RAD frameworks, Spring .NET frameworks etc.
  • Skills related to the ASP.NET course are such as ASP web development related concepts called IIS services, test frameworks and some other architecture level design and development training are added advantage.

Pre-requisites to ASP.NET Training

  • Willingness to pursue a career as .NET or Web Developer: The ASP.NET certification course has a few sets of prerequisites like basic programming knowledge in .NET technologies or some basic knowledge or any previous relevant experience in the area of few high-level programming languages and object-oriented languages like C# or Java or C++ etc are added advantage to this ASP.NET course. This ASP.NET course may seem a little bit ambiguous without knowing or having any experience in any object oriented programming language.
  • Knowledge in Web or Front-end or back-end frameworks: Any engineering degree or bachelor’s degree holder in computer science related background or any technical degree or engineering degree discipline with minors in computers are comfortable in learning this ASP.NET course. Students without computer background seem a little bit difficult in learning this ASP.NET course.

Target Audience for this ASP.NET Course

  • Students of CS / Engineering: If you’re a Bachelor’s holder in computer science degree or any other technical engineering degree holder, then willing to learn this technology is enough to master the ASP.NET framework and this ASP.NET course is an added advantage to you to completely master the framework in a very shorter time. This is also better recommended for the career advancement at a faster growth rate. This ASP.NET course is a complete comprehensive package that will enable in learning the course from end to end with extensive knowledge including hands on training.
  • .NET or Web Development Software Professionals: If one wants to excel their career as a Web Developer or ASP.NET Developer to a next greater level, the this ASP.NET course is must and definitely recommended course for a .NET Developer or Engineer in this the Computer Software Profession.
  • CS Bachelors or Masters: Any CS masters or engineering graduate either from cs or non-CS background can choose this ASP.NET course to complete it to clear an interview easily. Also the software professionals can also choose this ASP.NET course to switch their career from one technology to other.

ASP.NET Course FAQ’s- General Questions

Why should I do this ASP.NET course?

Any Web development professional who is interested and willing to learn .NET framework or pursue a great career as ASP.NET developer should pursue this ASP.NET course in order to master the concepts of ASP.NET technologies with ease of learning in the shortest possible time on condition that every effort is made to learn this ASP.NET course effectively.

I don’t have a background in CS or engineering, can this ASP.NET Course still be considered for a good career?

NO, this cannot be easily mastered without any CS or technical education background. This ASP.NET course needs some initial programming knowledge to proceed with advanced CS concepts.

Would this ASP.NET course add value to my profession?

Yes. Definitely, this ASP.NET certification course will add value to your Computers or Software profession and also some real time experience range course contents.

Is this a quick-fix to clear interview or do I still need to practice continuously while learning this ASP.NET Training?

This is not a quick-fix to master the course in a short time as this ASP.NET course contents are very comprehensive which has more than 47 hours, it needs some strong previous technical background to practice this ASP .NET course in order effectively utilize this ASP.NET course contents.

Sample Preview of this ASP.NET Training Course

Security Part 2
Friend Request Module
Component of Web Service Continues




Career Benefits of this Training on ASP.NET

  • This ASP.NET course enables a fresher or experienced to become a successful ASP.NET developer or .NET Engineer and also this ASP.NET course is better compared to other courses or trainings in terms of the course contents and its curriculum or the topic-wise lessons and content division.
  • Any CS or computer software professional can learn this ASP .NET course easily as it contains a several topics in an elaborated manner that contains a lot of concepts explained clearly with basic to medium and advanced topics that will enhance the learner experience.
  • There are several career advantages in opting this ASP.NET training course and also post completion of this ASP.NET course, other .NET related technologies can be easily mastered because of the strong foundational concepts.
  • The skills which can be obtained from this ASP.NET course are of highly valuable in terms of software industry business requirements and technical expertise benefits to take up several roles such as developer, technical architect or solution architect or enterprise architect etc.

ASP.NET Training Course Testimonials

Lee Gill


Great intro into ASP.NET (Currency Converter)

This is a great insight into ASP.Net with a specific goal in mine, ASP.Net, Currency Converter. One of the most difficult challenges while learning anything in a development scope is subject matter. This course is great for the focus upon the ASP.Net Currency Converter goal and takes you through all the proper creation steps. This course is small enough to educate or reiterate knowledge as well as long enough to get you thinking about, how you can do it differently.

Well worth the time if you’re interested in ASP.Net and how it interacts. If you’re familiar with some form of Windows development platforms (ASP.Net, VB, C#) this is a nice refresher on a Currency Converter.

Lee Gill


Hareesh Yalamanchily


ASP.NET MVC Tutorial

This tutorial is great to learn ASP.NET MVC basics. I would recommend this course to anyone who want to learn ASP.MVC and improve and understand the basics. And the other advantage of this course is you can re take the course as many times as you can. The course is explained in such a detail , it explains each and every steps to be performed to the examples working. The ease of using the tutorial is also very easy, like moving back and forth to each chapters. Superbly designed course for everyone.

Hareesh Yalamanchily


Raunak Deep Srivastava


ASP.NET MVC 5 Web development – Newbie to Ninja

I have worked in the Holostik india limited as Software Developer , and this course has given me a amazing experience of what I have learned in the past. I have done much research in finding tutorial that offers New web development courses and found this course perfect to help suit my needs. The course gives proper overview of MVC architecture and has given exact training how we deal or how we work in MVC . Learnt few more new things in this course which helped me to enhance my skills.

Raunak Deep Srivastava


Lavanya Raj



The instructor has explained all the topics properly which helped me to gain knowledge. Every minor detail was explained with great focus.The information I got here was more than I would have gotten studying in a class. Also making of a project was not too tough because I understood the concepts very well.

Lavanya Raj