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Investment Banking Course

117 Online Courses

600+ Hours

Verifiable Certificate of Completion

Lifetime Access



  • Investment Banking Core
  • Excel, Advanced Excel
  • VBA & Macros
  • Financial Analysis & Accounting
  • Valuations, PitchBook Prep
  • Financial Modeling (10+ companies)
  • M&A, IPO and LBO Modeling
  • Project Finance Modeling
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Skills you will master

  • Excel
  • Advanced Excel
  • Accounting
  • Analyst Accounting
  • Ratio analysis
  • VBA
  • Macros
  • Valuation
  • Discounted Cash Flows
  • Relative valuations
  • Comparable Comps
  • Financial Modeling
  • Bank Financial Model
  • IPO Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • PitchBook Preparation
  • LBO Modeling
  • M&A Modeling
  • Project Finance Modeling
  • Private Equity Modeling

Online Investment Banking Training Course

This Investment Banking Course is an awesome bundle of 117 Investment banking courses with 600+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. Along with this, you also get verifiable certificates (unique certification number and your unique URL) when you complete these courses.

Becoming an investment banker isn’t for the faint-hearted. But what if you can get hold of a course that will teach every micro-skill step by step and all you need to do is to follow along and practice the lessons, would you not jump right in? Let’s discuss these Investment banking training courses in detail.


About Online Investment Banking Course

Course Name Online Investment Banking Training Epic Bundle
Deal You get access to all 117 course bundle. These 117 courses are further divided into 7 parts. You do not need to purchase each part separately.
Hours 600+ Video Hours
Core Coverage Financial Modeling in Excel, DCF Modeling, Relative Valuations, Comparable Comps, Mergers & Acquisitions, LBO Modeling, Private Equity, Bank Modeling, Hedge Funds, Commodities, Forex, Technical Analysis
Excel Templates Included? Yes. All templates downloadable
Course Validity Lifetime Access
Eligibility Anyone who is serious about learning Investment Banking and wants to make a career in this Field
Pre-Requisites None (Basic accounting knowledge should help)
What do you get? Certificate of Excellence for each of the 117 courses
Certification Type Course Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your Resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced Investment Banking Skills
Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning
Software Required Excel (2007 or above)
System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher
Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Online Investment Banking Training Curriculum

Any person who wants to become an investment banker will say a resounding yes for such a proposal. So, why not go through the curriculum first to see what you would be able to learn in this amazing course!


Serial No. Course Name Course Description
1 Investment Banking Core As an investment banker you need to perform key activities like raising money for your clients, finding the right investment opportunity for your prospects, knowing how to create a pitch book, helping clients during the time of mergers & acquisition (M&A) and so on and so forth. So, how would you know what exactly you need to and how to perform? In this module, you will learn the core of the investment banking profession and this is a great starting point if you truly want to become an investment banker.
2 Excel & Advanced Excel Learning and performing excel would be one of the few activities you need to perform daily as an investment banker. Since you need to create complex financial models and quite often make changes within these models. If you don’t have a thorough knowledge about excel, you won’t be able to perform one of the core activities of being an investment banker.
3 VBA & Macro Think about the comprehensiveness of this Investment Banking course. Excel and advanced excel aren’t enough for an investment banker. Sometimes, you need to go beyond excel and apply visual basic programming and use macro. In this investment banking training, you will learn a separate module on VBA & Macro.
4 Financial Analysis & Accounting Without the advanced knowledge of financial analysis and accounting, it won’t be possible for a professional to be an investment banker. You need to learn the nitty-gritty of financial analysis and accounting so that you can create complex financial models whenever your clients ask you to. In this module, you will learn the financial analysis and accounting in detail.
5 Valuations, Pitch book Prep No-one can doubt the value of valuation and the pitch book presentation in an investment banker’s professional life. You need to create valuations after valuations and peruse many financial models and pitch your clients as an investment banker. For that, you should know everything about valuations, different methods of valuations, how to create a pitch book presentation and so on and so forth. In this module, you will learn everything about valuations and pitch book preparation.
6 Financial Modeling (10+ companies) Financial modeling is the most significant part of your investment banking career. So we want to get you covered. In this module, you will learn about beginner to advanced level financial modeling of over 10+ companies so that you can get a crystal clear idea about how to create one for your clients.
7 M&A, IPO, and LBO Modeling As an investment banker, you will handle small or large deals. And time and time again what you will see are M&A transactions, IPOs of new companies or simply LBOs. To handle these deals, you should be thorough with the modeling part of them as well. And this particular module will get you covered.
8 Project Finance Modeling Project finance is a different ball game altogether. But many investment bankers look through the projects, the finance necessary for accomplishing the project and helping the clients raise the capital. In this module, you will learn about project finance modeling comprehensively.
9 Private Equity & Hedge Funds Knowing about private equity and hedge funds is important. Since you don’t know whether you would like the hustle and 100+ hours work week every month, every year, you may look for options that would substantiate your hunger for growth and financial proximity. If you want to quit investment banking, private equity and hedge funds are two good options for you.
10 Soft Skills Investment banking course needs hard technical skills, but what most ignore is the blend of both soft skill and hard skill. From communication to emphatic listening to having the strategic thinking to critically understand the value of a project would all require to support and produce outcomes that the clients want. In this last module, we will teach you soft skills so that the learning becomes whole. And you have a holistic approach in becoming an investment banker.


What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is not like other commercial banks that accept deposits. Rather these banks help the large institutions/organizations raise capital. Here are a few typical functions of an investment banking division of a bank –

  • IPOs: Investment banks help private companies get listed on the stock exchanges by initial public offering (IPO). Investment banks help these companies by providing underwriting services and also by facilitating as an intermediary between the FED (foreign exchange department) and organizations.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory: Investment banks help their clients in M&A advisory by providing security issuance, conducting negotiation for reaching a target for a client, or being a facilitator between the client and the bidder.
  • Management of big investments: The investment banks often handle big clients and their investments and advise these organizations how they should be investing their money to get the maximum value out of their investment portfolio.
  • Research: Many investment banks also provide research advisory. They look at different companies and help their clients decide whether they should buy or sell the shares of a company or not. Investment banks do their research and create reports that help their clients take the final call.

Investment banks handle both buy side and sell side clients. Under the buy side, the investment banks serve hedge funds, asset managers, retail investors etc. And under the sell side, the investment banks advise large corporates.

Which Skills you will learn in this Investment Banking course?

If you want to be a successful investment banker, you need a lot of skills. The reason this investment banking course stands out because it provides you a comprehensive framework of the right skills that you can master at your time and at your convenience.

Here are the skill-sets that you will learn from this investement banking course –

  • Investment & Financial Analysis, Reporting: This is the most important skill among all. And we go in-depth about investment, financial analysis, and reporting. You will learn these skills at the core as well as an advanced level.
  • Financial modeling & valuation: Very few investment banking courses teach this. But you will learn both financial modeling & valuation which can be a separate course in itself.
  • MS Excel, Macro, & VBA Programming: Learning MS Excel (both basics & advanced) are the most important part of any financial course. Along with that if you know how to do macro and VBA, it would be icing on the cake. This investment banking training course teaches you all and more.
  • Soft skills: Hard, technical skills are important; but if they’re not coupled with the soft skills, they don’t have value. We understand this and that’s why we also included soft skills in this investment banking course as well.

Certificate of Completion

Pre-requisites to this Course on Investment Banking

  • Basic understanding of accounting, finance, and investment banking market: You don’t need to know everything. But it would help to know the basics – finance terminologies, basic accounting, basic excel
  • An ache to be an investment banker: Everything starts from a motive, a drive, a purpose. If you ache to be an investment banker, this course is for you. Until you have that ache, that drive, you won’t be able to go through (and grow through) the sheer comprehensiveness of this investment banking training.

Target Audience for this Investment Banking Course

  • Finance students who want to become investment bankers: This investment banking course isn’t designed for all. It’s specifically for those who have the ambition of seeing them as an investment banker. This course is designed in such a way that you would be able to follow through the entire sets of modules and practice them on your own.
  • Finance professionals that dream of becoming investment bankers: If you’re in finance domain and dream of becoming an investment banker, do this course. This course has everything you need to become a full-proof investment banker.

Investment Banking Training FAQs – General Questions

Why should I do this investment banking course?

Because there is no course on investment banking in the market that’s so good, so comprehensive, so detail-oriented, and so practical.

Would this course help if I’m already an investment banker?

Why not? It’s always better to refresh the fundamentals.

Would this course help me become an investment banker?

It surely will. But there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. First, it will work only if you work on the material. And secondly, this investment banking course is designed to teach you all the skills you need to learn, but to learn and apply these skills in the real world, you need to practice and course-correct and take the help of this investment banking training as many times as you need.


Sample Preview of this Investment Banking Course

Below are some of the sample videos of this Investment Banking course. Click on the icons below to view the video samples –


Investment Banking Introduction
Calculator Set Up Chn AOS and RESET
Amortization Schedule
Arrays Basics
Sell Side Research Report
Assumption Operating
Calculating the Equity Value
Conditional Formatting
Cost Sheet
Userforms Introduction
Working Capital Projections
DCF Valuation
Introduction to Formulas and Functions
Invert Negatives
Magic Words
Projecting Balance Sheet
Transaction Assumptions


Career Benefits of this Investment Banking Course

  • You will learn multiple skills: This course is aimed at investment banking professionals or students that want to become investment bankers. But if you do this course, you will not only learn the investment banking skills, you will also learn financial analysis, financial modeling, valuation, MS Excel, and also soft skills.
  • You will get an edge over others: What would be the difference between someone that does this investment banking course and another that doesn’t? The answer is huge. Doing this investment banking training will give enough edge over your peers in your job.
  • You will get a promotion or have more responsibilities: The obvious result of mastering so many skills is that you get promoted to your next level or gain more responsibilities.
  • You will get an opportunity to practice a lot of skills for life: You will get an opportunity to practice these skills as many times as you want and whenever you feel you need a little nudge from one of our instructors.

Online Investment Banking Course Reviews/Testimonials

Rakha Purbawisesa



It’s very structured and easily understood for a student who didn’t know anything about investment banks like me. However, They could make it better with a more detailed differences between investment banks and the boutique one, and add more entertaining animations and pictures. But overall it’s amazing! 4.5/5!

Rakha Purbawisesa


Niwasasira Ozeah


A quick look on investment banking

Thanks so much introducing this investment banking training, Am lucky that I landed on this website at the right time I needed it.There quite a number of things I have learnt from this investment banking training and I feel i should take on an advanced course for investment banking and be a professional.
Once again thank you so much for the free offer.

Niwasasira Ozeah


Gautam Singhi



The course has been helpful in beginning the finance course. I am aware of the nitty-gritty of the industry I want to venture into it. This investment banking training can help a bachelor’s student get a hold of IB and this can help in the interview preparations. I recommend this course to everyone looking for this industry.

Gautam Singhi