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Financial Modeling Course

16 Online Courses

90+ Hours

Verifiable Certificates

Lifetime Validity



  • Manufacturing Financial Modeling
  • Bank of America Financial Modeling
  • Pharma Sector Financial Modeling
  • Petrochemical Sector
  • Real Estate Financial Modeling
  • Metal & Mining Sector
  • Islamic Banking Modeling
  • Real Estate Sector Modeling
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Skills you will master

  • Excel
  • Advanced Excel
  • Financial Modeling Basics
  • Financial modeling of Banking Sector
  • Petrochemical Sector Modeling
  • Metal & Mining Financial Model
  • Consumer Goods Financial Model
  • Real Estate Financial Modeling
  • JPMorgan Financial Modeling
  • Islamic Banking
  • Islamic Banking Modeling
  • Capital Goods Financial Modeling
  • Telecommunication Financial Modeling
  • Automobile Sector Modeling
  • Siemens AG
  • Bank of America
  • Enanta Pharma
  • Advance Petrochemical
  • Washington-Residential
  • Boston Office

Online Financial Modeling Certification Course

This Financial Modeling Course is an awesome bundle of 17 courses with 90+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. Along with this, you also get verifiable certificates (unique certification number and your unique URL) when you complete these courses.

The number one reason for which financial modeling seems hard is that in most cases it is quite complex and without the advanced knowledge of finance, you won’t be able to crack it the right way.

What if you get a course in your hands that takes away all the guesswork and teaches you exactly what you need to learn! What if you do one course and learn everything there is to learn about financial modeling! What if you become a master of it in 100 hours!

Will you go for it?

You bet.

Let us introduce you to this Financial Modeling Certification Course with us.


About Online Financial Modeling Course

Course Name Online Financial Modeling Training Epic Bundle
Deal You get access to all 17 course bundle.
Hours 90+ Video Hours
Core Coverage Financial Modeling in Excel across sectors such as Real Estate, Telecommunication, Technology, Metals & Mining, Bank, Petrochemical, Automobile and others
Excel Templates Included? Yes. All templates downloadable
Course Validity Lifetime Access
Eligibility Anyone who is serious about learning Financial Modeling and wants to make a career in this Field
Pre-Requisites None (Basic accounting knowledge should help)
What do you get? Certificate of Excellence for each of the 17 courses
Certification Type Course Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your Resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced Financial Modeling Skills
Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning
Software Required Excel (2007 or above)
System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher
Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Online Financial Modeling Training Curriculum

Before we discuss the prerequisites and target audience and answer your questions, let’s talk about the course curriculum.

Serial No. Course Name Course Description
1 Automobile Sector Financial Modeling Training The automobile sector is one of the hot sectors that challenge financial analysts while building financial models. Since the sector is quite vast and there are so many players, a financial modeler needs to look at various factors. In this module, you will learn about the overview of the industry first and then you will learn about financial analysis, projections, depreciation & amortization schedule, relative valuation and how to do all of them on excel sheets.
2 Banking Sector Financial Modeling Training You will learn about the financial modeling for the banking sector in detail. From understanding how banks are different, how to compare among financial statements, how to look at loan portfolio and loan loss reserve projections, balance sheet projections, and also income statement projections and many more.
3 Telecommunication Sector Financial Modeling Training This is a very comprehensive module of financial modeling on the telecommunication sector. You will learn from scratch how to create a financial model for telecommunication. You will get to understand how to go through fundamental analysis, revenue build up, cost sheet, working capital, depreciation & amortization schedule and how to conduct the DCF valuation and also relative valuation.
4 Broadcasting Sector Time Warner Financial Modeling Training This financial modeling training will teach you about the broadcasting and cable TV industry. The example of Time Warner would be taken as a case study. From understanding the profile of Time Warner to doing a SWOT analysis, ratio analysis, revenue build up, building a cost sheet, doing EPS calculation and so on and so forth.
5 JP Morgan Financial Modeling This module will take a particular example and will show you how to create a financial model. In this module, we will look at the financial statements of JP Morgan, go through Llr calculations, and various projections and also go through the capital adequacy and dividends & stock repurchase.
6 Real Estate Sector Financial Modeling Training This entire module is devoted to teaching you the real estate sector financial modeling. You will learn a brief about the real estate sector, you will learn the steps of financial modeling, how to represent and format, and how to write the report.
7 Petrochemical Sector Financial Modeling Training This entire module will focus on the petrochemical sector. You will learn about how to create a financial model for the petrochemical sector, which approaches to take – top-down approach or bottom-up approach, the steps of financial modeling, ratio analysis, and valuation.
8 Islamic Banking Financial Modeling You will learn everything about Islamic banking and how things work in the case of financial modeling of an Islamic bank. You will the key principles you need to follow, the revenue concept of the Islamic bank, cost concept of the Islamic bank, assumptions taken, linking balance sheet, ratio analysis, and valuation.
9 Financial Modeling of Capital Goods Industry In this financial modeling certification, you will learn about the equity research of the capital goods industry (meaning the financial modeling of Praj Industries). You will learn a brief about Praj Industries, you will get to understand how the company makes Ethanol, a brief about Ethanol industry, learn about the emerging market, financial statement analysis, projections of Ethanol demand and order flows and brewery and emerging market order flows, and projections of financial statements.
10 Banking Sector Financial Modeling – Bank of America This financial modeling course focuses particularly on the financial modeling of Bank of America. You will learn about how financial modeling is done for US banks. You will learn about various terminologies, approaches, formatting, assumptions, you will know briefly about Bank of America, punching balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, and doing valuation and also ratio analysis.
11 Financial Modeling of Siemens AG This is another module on financial modeling of Siemens AG. From understanding the company to looking at all the projections, checking errors, going through ratio analysis, conducting sensitivity & scenario analysis and finally doing DCF.
12 Financial Modeling on Consumer Goods & Services (CG&S) Financial modeling for every sector is quite different. To begin with, here you will learn about the financial modeling approach on CG&S, you will learn how to build the basic model, Harley Davidson-revenue build up, Harley Davidson-financial statements, and balance sheet preparation.
13 Financial Modeling of Maruti Suzuki Previously, we have included a particular module on the automobile sector. Here we’re focusing particularly on the financial modeling of Maruti Suzuki. You will get a brief overview of the automobile sector, and you will also understand the financial modeling of Maruti Suzuki, different financial statements etc.
14 Financial Modeling of FMCG Sector – HUL Ltd. In this financial modeling training, you will learn the financial modeling of the FMCG sector. And as a case study, we will look at HUL Ltd. You will know about HUL Ltd. briefly and then you will see how the financial modeling is done for HUL.
15 Financial Modeling for a Biotech Company This financial modeling course includes everything you need to know about financial modeling of a biotech company. From NASH revenue build up, PBC revenue build up, HCV revenue build up to balance sheet estimation, and PP&E Schedule.
16 Real Estate Financial Modeling In one of the previous module, we have touch-based real estate sector. In this module, we went in-depth and would teach you the fundamental concepts of real estate, how to do valuation, lease rental discounting, percentage of completion method, loan against property model, and also the case study of LRIC REPE.
17 Financial Modeling of Metals Sectors with respect to Barrick Gold Corporation This financial modeling mastery course doesn’t exclude anything. You will also learn how to create a financial model of the metals sector. You will learn about Barrick Gold Corporation, learning about gold industry presentation, gross realization, and current assets.

Certificate of Completion

Financial Modeling Course

What is Financial Modeling?

In simple terms, financial modeling is a tool that is created to serve the specific interest of a firm. The financial model can be built to serve the clients of a firm or in some cases to predict the future of an organization.

Financial analysts only need to use or create the financial model that is most suited for the purpose they’re creating the model for. A financial analyst may want to look at a firm and wants to see the total value of the firm. In this case, she would use the discounted cash flow method to find out the total value of the firm. On the other hand, a financial analyst may want to use a financial model to manage the investment of a client using the Sortino ratio.

No matter what’s the purpose, to build the financial model, one needs clarity, historical information, and technical expertise. And for that you need a module, a course or a mentor to guide you, to teach you, and to help you understand the nitty-gritty of the complex financial modeling.

That’s why we designed this course for you. Read on and you would see why it’s imperative for you to do this particular course if you want to get good at creating complex financial models.

Which Skills you will learn in this Financial Modeling course?

It’s certain that you will learn a lot of skills. Here we will break down the most important skills that you will in this course. Let’s have a look –

  • Basic financial modeling: If you’re new to financial modeling, first you will learn how to create a model and how you should approach once the problem would be presented to you. Since we are teaching you by building up the concepts ground up, it would help you to build the confidence as you go along.
  • Sector-wise financial modeling: You will not only learn the generic financial modeling, but you will also learn how to approach every sector or industry. Since every industry is different and you have variable factors for each of them, it’s significant that you go through each module with care and curiosity.
  • Practical look-up: You may call it a sub-skill, but only learning how to create a financial model for any particular sector isn’t enough. You also need to have a realistic approach to it. Since we have used multiple practical examples in each module, it would be easy for you to connect to the real life world with the learning you would have.

Pre-requisites to this Course on Financial Modeling

  • Have advanced knowledge in finance: This financial modeling training isn’t for everybody and for the right reasons. It’s created for professionals that create financial models as part of their profession. This mastery course will make you a master of financial modeling and if you don’t know much about finance or have basic knowledge, first you need to understand finance well to do this course.
  • Ability to sit through and practice what you learn: To get the best from this financial modeling certification course, you need to practice what you learn. Since it’s a comprehensive course, you need to look at each module again and again and apply what you learn.

Target Audience for this Financial Modeling Course

  • Finance Professionals: This course is particularly useful for those that create financial modeling as a part of their profession. From investment bankers to equity research analysts to financial analysts, most of the finance professionals would find tremendous value in this comprehensive course.
  • Students of Finance: Students who have been studying finance and want to create a career in financial modeling should learn this course. But they need to be really committed to being financial modelers so that they can go through this comprehensive course seamlessly.

Financial Modeling Training FAQs – General Questions

Why should I do this financial modeling course?

If you’re looking for an answer, most probably this course is not right for you. Otherwise, you would have asked, “how can I do this course right now?” This course is designed in such a way that it will blow the minds of even an experienced financial analyst. Don’t you think? Look at the curriculum first.

I’m not from the finance background. Can I do this financial modeling certification?

We would urge you not to do this course if you don’t have a background in finance. Because to get the best value from the course, you should know finance at the intermediate level. If you’re interested to do this course, first do a basic and advanced finance course, then you can go ahead and explore this course.

Can I create a complex financial model after doing this course?

The answer is both yes and no. The course is designed in such a way that if you’re serious, you will easily be able to create both basic and complex financial models. But if you just browse through the course and don’t practice what you learn, it wouldn’t be possible to create even a basic model. In essence, this course will work if you work on it.

Sample Preview of this Financial Modeling Training

Below are some of the sample videos of this Financial Modeling certification course. Click on the icons below to view the video samples –

Populating the Historical
Balance Sheet Drivers
Working on Cost Forecast
Calculating Depreciation For Each Asset




Career Benefits of this Financial Modeling Course

  • Comprehensive learning & application: This course is all-in-all for you if you’re looking to master financial modeling. You will not find a single course in the market that caters to so many sectors and offers you multiple practical examples to illustrate each lesson.
  • You would be way ahead than your peers: Let’s say that you would do this financial modeling course and your peers wouldn’t (though we want everyone who is interested in financial modeling should do this course). Once you learn and apply what you would learn from this course, you will be way ahead than your peers. And your peers would be astounded to see you creating models after models at ease.
  • You will be to analyze multiple things and help a lot of clients/people/management: What you would need is impeccable skills to master your career. If you feel that learning financial modeling will close the gap, this financial modeling course would certainly live up to your expectation and more. Just do this course and you would know.

Online Financial Modeling Training Reviews/Testimonials

Tornidis Ioannis


Financial Modelling – Banking Sector

A financial modeling training course focusing on banking Sector. This includes many methodologies of calculating and forecasting different line items like deposits and loans using macroeconomic approaches but also other items using industry analysis. The key item is how to link the different forecasts between the 3 financial statements and how to improve our valuation

Tornidis Ioannis


Vignesh Varatharajan Sivamani


Financial Modeling Course

Excellent financial modeling certification course, I will recommend it to anyone. Clear step by step instructions and the good thing is you can redo the sessions until you are confident. I completed that certificate program and I think that is the best way to understand real estate financial modeling easily. All concepts and applications are supported by examples in Excel. Thank you very much for clear and beneficial explanations

Vignesh Varatharajan Sivamani


Leikantsemang Renewang


Investment Banking Bundle- awesome course

Investment banking bundle is a very rich and well-structured course. It is very illuminating and informative, and it prepares you to find a needle in a haystack. Even though some of the topics are challenging and requires extended time, it really worth the time a spent on these videos.

Leikantsemang Renewang


José Agostinho Pedro


Good course

Good Financial modeling training. I liked the examples. The Instructor is best, He communicates information exceptionally clearly and efficiently, adds humor, and uses relevant examples to make connections between course material and the real world. I have nothing bad that I can think of to say about his style of and proficiency at teaching. I would recommend this course to those looking to take this course

José Agostinho Pedro


Cheng Zhongyi


Excellent! Financial Modelling Course

The financial modeling certification course layout was structured in a clear, thoughtful manner. The course instructor gave practical examples to illustrate basic accounting concepts (which was a good reminder). Some real-world advice was provided by the instructor, at the beginning (understanding the users of the financial model) and at the end (interview questions, common mistakes). That was a good heads up of what to expect in the real world.

Cheng Zhongyi



Great Financial Modeling tutorials

I have never imagined that I would discover something like this. Most of the finance professionals struggle to get hold of quality materials on finance, leave a niche skill that we use almost every day. That’s why this course stands out. What I like about this course is the comprehensibility of the course. If you want to master financial modeling, you shouldn’t look anywhere else. This is the best financial modeling course in the market. I’m just in the middle. Still, I highly recommend this course for those that want to create even a single financial model.


Wasim Shaikh



My financial modeling course experience

After looking at the curriculum of the financial modeling course, I sat in awe for a couple of minutes. What? Seventeen modules in one course? I couldn’t believe it. I’m a finance student and I’m in love with this course. Pick any sector and you will find it in this course. And the way each model is explained, I am able to learn quite fast and apply the lesson immediately. Highly recommended for every finance student.


Preeti Suhas