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Equity Research Course

11 Online Courses

40+ Hours

Verifiable Certificates

Lifetime Validity



  • Basic Excel
  • Advanced Excel
  • Accounting
  • Corporate Valuations
  • Financial Modeling
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Comparable Comps
  • Equity Research Report Writing
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Skills you will master

  • Excel
  • Advanced Excel
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Accounting
  • Equity Analyst Accounting
  • Corporate Valuation
  • DCF
  • FCFF
  • FCFE
  • WACC
  • Terminal Value
  • Growth Rates
  • Financial Modeling
  • Comparable Comps
  • Equity Research Report Writing
  • Intrinsic Value
  • Buy/Sell analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis in Excel

Online Equity Research Training Course

This Equity Research Certification Course is an awesome bundle of 11 courses with 40+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. Along with this, you also get verifiable certificates (unique certification number and your unique URL) when you complete these courses.

Becoming an equity research analyst isn’t an easy job. From analysis to looking for the right investments for the clients plus creating reports that support your findings is far from what we call easy.

However, becoming an equity research analyst can be learned. And you can learn it by doing this comprehensive course.


About Online Equity Research Course

Course Name Online Equity Research Course Bundle
Deal You get access to all 11 courses bundle.
Hours 40+ Video Hours
Core Coverage Equity Research including Fundamental analysis, Financial Modeling, and Valuation of a Live company
Excel Templates Included? Yes. All templates downloadable
Course Validity Lifetime Access
Eligibility Anyone who is serious about learning Equity Research and wants to make a career in this Field
Pre-Requisites None (Basic accounting knowledge should help)
What do you get? Certificate of Excellence for each of the 11 courses
Certification Type Course Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your Resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced Equity Research Skills
Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning
Software Required Excel (2007 or above)
System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher
Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Online Equity Research Training Curriculum

Before we discuss the prerequisites and target audience and answer your questions, let’s talk about the equity research training curriculum.

Serial No. Course Name Course Description
1 Basic Microsoft Excel Training This is the first module of the course. Before if you ever learn to analyze or understand investments, you need to make your basics clear. That’s why you will learn how to feed data into excel, how to apply various functions, how to avoid common errors, and also how to make excel your ally. You would need to invest around 4 hours for this module.
2 Microsoft Excel – Advanced This module will teach you the advanced excel. In the first module, you would learn the basics. In this module, you will use the fundamentals to go to the next level. From data functions, what-if analysis to the array, pivot tables, names & dynamic range, form controls, advanced charts – you will learn. You need to invest around 6 hours.
3 Corporate Valuation – Beginner to Pro in Microsoft Excel In this Equity research course, first, you will learn a brief overview of corporate valuation. Then, sequentially, you will learn the dividend discount model (DDM), discounted cash flow (DCF), you will also learn how to calculate enterprise value (EV) and relative valuation. To complete the module, you need to invest around 3 hours.
4 Income Statement Analysis Next module is on the income statement. The income statement is one of four most important financial statements you need to analyze. You will learn how to create an income statement and also how to look at an income statement. You will learn the difference between a fiscal year and a calendar year. You will also learn how to calculate profit margins, you will know about revenue recognition, nonrecurring items, depreciation expense, and finally a case study on Colgate.
5 Balance Sheet Analysis This Equity research course is dedicated to the balance sheet analysis. A balance sheet is one of significant four financial statements for any company. You will learn about current assets, current liabilities, long-term assets, long-term liabilities, financial reporting standards, and shareholders’ equity. This entire module will take around 3.5 hours.
6 Cash Flow Analysis This is the next module on cash flow analysis. Here you will learn how to look at a cash flow statement and how to make sense of it. You will learn to find out net cash flow from operating activities, investing activities, and finance activities. You will also learn the direct method and the indirect method of calculating cash flow from operations. You will also get to understand the entire module via examples and case studies. This module will take around 1 hour.
7 Equity Research Report Writing Training Not everyone can write well, mostly in a clear and concise manner. That’s why one needs to learn how to present information in a formatted and distinct manner. In this Equity research course, you will learn how to write an equity research report. We will start with report writing and its overview. Gradually, we will talk about understanding sell-side reports, data analysis, Minto’s Pyramid Cycle, actually writing the research reports, and finally the whole summary of what you would learn. This would take around 1 hour and 40 minutes.
8 Understanding Comparable Company Analysis In this Equity research training course, you will learn how one can do comparable company analysis. You will first learn a brief overview of comparable companies and how to look at them. Then you will learn the valuation methodologies and each part of it, step by step –  from selecting peers to selecting the multiples, from drawing the company sheets to calculating takeover premium, doing REIT valuation. You will also learn common interview questions and get to practice practical files. The entire module will take around 4 hours.
9 Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Training This entire module is dedicated to the DCF valuation method. You will start learning what the DCF valuation is. Then, you will get to understand the absolute valuation, DCF, the advantages of DCF, net debt and cost of debt, beta, and you will also go through a case study. This module will take around 5 hours.
10 Comprehensive Relative Valuation Training This Equity research training is focused entirely on the relative valuation. You will learn a brief overview of the relative valuation. Then you will learn the types and advantages and disadvantages of relative valuation, and you will also learn a practical example to illustrate the relative valuation. This module will also take you around 5 hours.
11 Financial Modeling of Siemens AG Since this is a comprehensive training, at last, you will learn how to create a financial model for a real company. That’s why in this module, you will learn about the framework & prerequisites of the valuation, how to define the need, how to project income statement, how to look at the working capital schedule, how to create a cash flow statement, ratio analysis, scenario analysis, and finally DCF valuation.

Certificate of Completion

Equity Research Course


What is Equity Research?

Equity research analysis is a complex undertaking. It involves financial analysis, financial modeling, looking at the fundamentals of the company, financial statement analysis, scenario analysis and a lot more.

When we talk about equity research, it can be from both buy side and sell side of a firm. Equity research analysts look at the market, gauge the trends, analyze the factors, and also try to understand the impacts of market trends on business outcomes and stocks of different companies.

There are two other factors that we think you should care about. One is the commodities. To be an equity research analyst, you should know a lot about commodities, its trends, how to invest in the commodities etc. Another is deals about bonds. ER mainly deals with these two things. But ER analysts also look at the macroeconomic view of the market, conducting the derivative analysis with the derivative department of the brokerage firm.

Plus. you need to be able to have a helicopter view of the financial affairs of the company and will be able to understand the trends of the industry and you should thoroughly look at each statement and also do the financial modeling and valuation whenever it would be required.

Which Skills you will learn in this Equity Research course?

In this Equity Research analyst certification, you will get to learn many, many skills. Here’s a list of tangible skills you would learn from this Equity research course –

  • MS Excel: Even if as a ER analyst, it’s given that you should know MS Excel, we haven’t left anything to chance. So, we will begin the course with the basics and the advanced level excel.
  • Valuation: This is one of the most important skills you would learn in this Equity research course. You will learn the dividend discount model (DDM), discounted cash flow (DCF), and also how to calculate enterprise value (EV) and relative valuation. Along with that, you will also learn how to apply this knowledge in real life.
  • Research report writing: This is again not being taught in every ER course. So, in this Equity research course, you will also learn how you should approach ER report writing. And with practice, would be able to write incredible ER reports.

Pre-requisites to this Course on Equity Research

  • Willingness for a career in equity research: The only prerequisite to this course is your interest in equity research. If you’re a finance student but you don’t have any interest in equity research, you will not get the best value out of this course.
  • Basic knowledge of finance: This Equity research course consists of a lot of advanced concepts. Without the basic knowledge of finance, it wouldn’t be possible for you to grasp the entire course under 40 hours.

Target Audience for this Equity Research Course

  • Students of finance: This is an ideal course for those students that want to build a career in equity research. But make sure you love data, analysis, research, investments, and writing.
  • Professionals of finance: If you’re a juncture at your career and want to shift from one to another, equity research may be the career you should look for. If you love research and analysis, you would love this course. This Equity research course will guide you step by step how to become an equity research analyst.

Equity Research Training FAQs – General Questions

Why should I do this Equity research training course?

You shouldn’t if you want to pursue something else. But if you want to build a career in equity research, this course is the most significant one you would ever do.

How much time do I need to invest after doing the course?

This Equity research course is something that you can take on again and again and again. And perfection depends on how much you work on yourself and the materials you receive.

I’m not a finance professional, should I do this Equity research course?

No. First, have a basic knowledge of finance. You can opt for a basic finance course and then go ahead and do this course.

Sample Preview of this Equity Research Training

Below are some of the sample videos of this Equity Research analyst certification course. Click on the icons below to view the video samples –

Logical functions IF AND OR
Inventory Valuations
Ddm - Dividend Discount Model- Compare Intrinsic And Market Price
Drawing the Comps Sheet
Working on Balance Sheet Items
PE Ratio
Report Writing - Course Objectives
DCF Predicting the Cash Flows







Career Benefits of this Equity Research Course

There are several career benefits of this Equity research training course –

  • Comprehensive equity research module: We are certain that you wouldn’t get any better course than this on equity research. If you want to master equity research and aim to be an equity research analyst, this is a must-do course for you.
  • You will be way ahead than your peers: We don’t believe in competition either, but what if you do this course and they don’t? The obvious side-effect is that you would be way ahead than your peers – and you would rather feel amazing being the center of the crowd.
  • With the right application, you will become an equity research analyst: This Equity research course works if you will work. And with the right use of the material, you will achieve your dream of becoming an equity research analyst. And you will also master several skills (financial analysis, financial modeling, valuation, MS Excel, ER report writing) in a go.

Online Equity Research Training Reviews/Testimonials

Prateek Chawla


Satisfied with course

The course was up to the mark, Only relevant was taught in the course, as said in the introduction.
The Minto’s Pyramid approach was a nice and a useful method, which would be handy in making all projects/Reports.
The readability statistics was also interesting and completely new.
Great work by the content creator.

Prateek Chawla


Romona Robinson


Great overview on Report Writing

This was a great overview to get the gist of what report writing entails. The instructor’s humorous inflection as you got deeper into course made it an enjoyable review. The instructor was clear and concise going through each example presented within each segment which was extremely appreciated. Using real life examples made grasping the information very helpful. Will take instructors advice for other courses offered that utilizes what was reviewed.

Romona Robinson


Brandon Hall


Equity Research Report Writing Training

Incredibly informative and easy to follow. Excellent overview of critical components with complete and thorough instruction. All topics addressed in clear and concise manner. Case studies helped to tie all aspects of the instruction together. A complicated topic presented in an easy to understand and follow package. Also appreciated the added instruction of using Microsoft Word tools to aid in assessing writing quality.

Brandon Hall


José Agostinho Pedro


Good course

Good course. I liked the examples. The Instructor is best, He communicates information exceptionally clearly and efficiently, adds humor, and uses relevant examples to make connections between course material and the real world. I have nothing bad that I can think of to say about his style of and proficiency at teaching. I would recommend this course to those looking to take this course

José Agostinho Pedro


José Agostinho Pedro


Excellent! Financial Modelling Course

The course layout was structured in a clear, thoughtful manner. The course instructor gave practical examples to illustrate basic accounting concepts (which was a good reminder). Some real-world advice was provided by the instructor, at the beginning (understanding the users of the financial model) and at the end (interview questions, common mistakes). That was a good heads up of what to expect in the real world.

Cheng Zhongyi