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Cryptocurrency Course

8 Online Courses

50+ Hours

Verifiable Certificates

Lifetime Validity



  • Cryptocurrency Basics
  • Technology & Trading for Cryptocurrency
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
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Skills you will master

  • Digital Currency
  • Cryptocurrency Basics
  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Crypto Wallets
  • Technology & Trading for Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Trading
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Wallet
  • Ripple
  • Ripple Wallets
  • Litecoin
  • Litecoin Wallets
  • Litecoin Faucets
  • Dash
  • Dash Wallets
  • Dash Faucets

Online Cryptocurrency Training Course

This Cryptocurrency Course is a comprehensive training of  8 comprehensive cryptocurrency courses with 50+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. Along with this, you also get verifiable certificates (unique certification number and your unique URL) when you complete these courses.

Sometimes, it seems what this cryptocurrency is? And how does it work? Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore. Here’s a course that will help you get a grip of cryptocurrency and its history, how it came into existence, and how you can take advantage of this digital currency.

Online Cryptocurrency Training Course

Course Name Online Cryptocurrency Course Bundle
Deal This is 8 course bundle. Please note that you get access to all the 8 courses. You do not need to register for each course separately.
Hours 50+ Video Hours
Core Coverage Introduction to Cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offering, Technology and Trading in Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin as a Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin as a Cryptocurrency, Ethereum as a Cryptocurrency, Ripple as a Cryptocurrency, Litecoin as a Cryptocurrency, Dash as a Cryptocurrency
Excel Templates Included? Excel templates that were used are provided as a download if applicable
Course Validity Lifetime Access
Eligibility Those who want to learn cryptocurrency can register for this online course. No eligibility as such.
Pre-Requisites None (Basic accounting knowledge should help)
What do you get? Certificate of Excellence for each of the 8 courses
Certification Type Course Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your Resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced kills
Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning
Software Required Excel (2007 or above)
System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher
Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Cryptocurrency Course Curriculum

Before we ever talk about the prerequisites, target audience, course reviews, and FAQs, let’s talk about the course curriculum –

Serial No. Course Name Course Description
1 Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Fundamentals This is the first module of this cryptocurrency course. We will start with a brief overview of what cryptocurrency is and how cryptocurrency works. Then, we will discuss the blockchain technology in length. You will learn about different types of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin fundamentals, bitcoin as a currency tool, crowdfunding with bitcoin etc. This whole module will take around 2 hours and you need to watch 13 videos in total.
2 Introduction to Cryptocurrency In this cryptocurrency training module, we will understand cryptocurrency in detail. First, we will talk about the rise of digital cash. Then, we will discuss what and why of cryptocurrency. Next, you will learn about different types of cryptocurrency, how does cryptocurrency work, how secure are cryptocurrencies, the basics of cryptocurrency mining, and finally, the practical use of cryptocurrency around the world. You need to invest around 5 hours 34 minutes and you need to watch 34 videos in total.
3 Technology and Trading for Cryptocurrency This is the third module of this cryptocurrency course. In this module, we will talk about the trading part of cryptocurrency. First, we will begin with how we can look at cryptocurrency as a technology. Then, you will learn we can use cryptocurrencies for business opportunities. Next, you will learn about why you should trade cryptocurrencies, how you can set up the cryptocurrency wallet, how cryptocurrency exchanges work, how you can go through the fundamental analysis and the technical analysis of a cryptocurrency, and finally, we will talk about the trading strategies. You need to watch 112 videos in total and you need to invest around 14 hours and 12 minutes.
4 Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Tutorials In this module, we will talk about four specific things. First, you will learn a brief overview of the ICO. Then, we will talk about what ICO is, the business elements of ICOs, participating in an ICO, and finally, we will talk about the regulations and conclusion. The entire module will take you around 4 hours 13 minutes and you need to watch 27 videos in total.
5 Ethereum as a Cryptocurrency In this cryptocurrency training module, we will talk about a specific cryptocurrency. It’s Ethereum. We will first start with a brief overview. Then, you will learn how Ethereum works, how to set up an Ethereum wallet. You will also learn about ERC20 tokens and finally, you will understand how you can invest and trade Ethereum. The entire module will take you around 8 hours 36 minutes and you need to watch 60 videos.
6 Litecoin as a cryptocurrency In this cryptocurrency module, we will talk about another cryptocurrency, it’s Litecoin. First, we will understand what is Litecoin, the evolution of Litecoin, the difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin. Then, you will learn about how Litecoin works, how you can set up Litecoin wallet and exchanges, how to invest and trade Litecoin, and finally, you will understand about Litecoin faucet. You need to invest around 5 hours 42 minutes and you need to watch 39 videos in total.
7 Ripple as a Cryptocurrency This cryptocurrency training module is also about a particular cryptocurrency, i.e. Ripple. You will learn how Ripple works, how you can set up Ripple wallets and exchanges. You will also learn about coin payments and toast wallet. You will also learn about Bitrex and Ripple exchanges. Finally, we will talk about the fundamental analysis for investment, the range, and trends, Wollinger bank & Fibonacci indicator, and at last, evaluating the popular oscillators. You need to invest around 6 hours and you need to watch 49 videos.
8 Dash as a cryptocurrency In this final cryptocurrency course module, we will talk about Dash. We will first start with a brief overview of Dash as a cryptocurrency. Then, we will do a comparative analysis between Dash and Bitcoin. Then, we will understand how Dash works, how you can set up Dash wallets & exchanges, and finally, how to invest and trade Dash. You need to spend around 7 hours and you need to watch 47 videos in total.

Certificate of Completion

Cryptocurrency Course

Pre-requisites to this Cryptocurrency Course

  • Willingness to learn the nitty-gritty of cryptocurrencies: Even if cryptocurrencies are one of the hot topics around, not everyone would be interested in it. To do this mammoth course, you need to be willing and you also need to be ready to put in the work to understand and practice each lesson.
  • A basic knowledge of digital currency: You don’t need to know everything about digital currency. But a slight idea about the digital currency would help you extract the best value out of this course.

Target Audience of this Cryptocurrency Course

  • Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts: If you love cryptocurrency, you will love this course. You may know a lot about a few things about the cryptocurrency, but not all. This course may also act as a refresher course.
  • Students/Professionals/Business Owners who are interested in Cryptocurrency: If you’re a student or a professional or a business owner and you’re interested in cryptocurrency, this course is just right for you. But make sure that your interest level is such that you can go through this entire course and can work on the material.

FAQ – General Questions on Cryptocurrency Course

Why should I do this Cryptocurrency training course?

 If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you must do this course. It’s comprehensive, provides great information, and will get a complete idea about cryptocurrencies.

How Cryptocurrency training course would add value to my career?

If you’re working in the crypto industry, it would add tremendous value. Even if you’re are from a different profession and have interest in crypto, you will also get great value out of it.

Sample Preview of this Cryptocurrency Course

Creating a Wallet
Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrencies
Use of Proceeds budget
Example of Leverage Trading
Analyzing on the Stochastic oscillator




Cryptocurrency Course Testimonials


Cryptocurrency training

Doing this Cryptocurrency training course has changed the course of my course. This is a comprehensive, fundamental course on cryptocurrency that teaches you everything from the overview of cryptocurrencies to how to invest in them. I’ve recommended this course to all my employees since we’re planning to invest in cryptocurrencies and to create a decent source of revenue at the end of this year.





Very insightful

As a student of finance, this course has transformed my approach toward cryptocurrencies. I didn’t know that there’s so much to know about cryptocurrency. I browsed through net but couldn’t find the information provided in this course. It’s an un-put-down-able course to be precise.


Sean Kernan



Great learning

This course has changed the trajectory of my career. I was an accountant in a big firm. I was interested in cryptocurrencies. I used to read a lot about Bitcoins, Litecoin, and latest happenings. But after doing this Cryptocurrency course, I know more about cryptocurrencies than any cryptocurrency expert I’ve met. I’m promoted and I also take care of the new investment wing of our company.


Vishwas Moorthy



Carreer Enriched

This course on cryptocurrencies has changed my life. I was interested in cryptocurrencies, but never had any idea about making it as a career. One of my friends knew about my interest and he recommended this Cryptocurrency course. I did. And whoa, I’ve started my consulting business in cryptocurrencies. It may sound like magic, but this course is truly a game changer for me.


Sujoy Gosh