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  • Become a VBA Developer
    10 courses
  • Excel Data Analysis Course
    11 courses
  • Excel for Marketing Course
    12 courses
  • Excel for Finance Course
    15 courses
  • Excel for HR Training
    6 courses
  • MS Office 2016
    9 courses
  • MS Office 2013
    11 courses
  • MS Office 2010
    6 courses
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Skills you will master

  • VBA
  • Macro
  • VBA Environment
  • Macros with IF Condition
  • Data Filter
  • Charting using VBA
  • Userform
  • Update Now
  • Sort EMI
  • Create Graph
  • Print Report
  • Email Report
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Gantt Chart
  • Power Excel
  • Microsoft Excel Reports
  • Microsoft Excel Simulations
  • Business Intelligence
  • Pivot Table
  • Microsoft Excel for Data Analyst


400+ high-quality and relevant video-based Courses and 15+ well designed Learning Paths on Excel, VBA, Macros, Accounting Software, Office 2010, Office 2016, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OutLook, Access, Dashboard Development, Pivot Tables, Data Analysis, Microsoft Project, Apple Keynote, Mac OS, Mac Basics, Mac Pages, Computer Skills, Microsoft Word and much more. Learn by doing.

Verifiable Certificate of Completion for Courses. Full Lifetime Access.

Over the years, EDUCBA has become the training standard for professional services firms, business professionals, and undergraduate and graduate students. Our extremely practical high-quality video library of courses serve professionals and students from all the leading global firms and top Institutes.

In an average month, we train 10,000+ aspiring professionals and students for their future roles.


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MS Excel for Marketing Managers View All
MS Excel for Financial Analyst View All
MS Excel for HR Managers View All
MS Office 2016 View All
MS Office 2013 View All
MS Office 2010 View All
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  1. Can I access this course from anywhere?

Yes, you can definitely access this course from anywhere & everywhere. Once you are registered for this Online Training Bundle, you will get your own login credentials which you can use to access the video materials and other contents from anywhere.

  1. Is there a Classroom Training available for this Online Training?

All our courses are available online so as to enable any user, who may have limited time, to study his courses of choice online. The training materials are accessible 24*7 for the users.

  1. Who are the Instructors for this Online Training?

The instructors are Industry based professional who have had tons of experience in the field of Online Training. All the courses in this bundle are based on Industry based standards. Also the courses have been started from Scratch to get the participant well-acquainted with each and every Online Training concept.

  1. Are there any Certification Courses for Online Training available in this Online Training bundle?

Yes, there are certification courses available for the same in this Ultimate Online Training Bundle. To name a few- PMI-ACP Exam Prep – PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Training, PMP Exam Prep Training, NCFM based Modules, ITIL Modules, CFA Training etc.

  1. When will I receive my certificate for any course?

You will receive certificate for completing each course in the Online Training Bundle. Once you have seen more than 70% of the training material in any course, you can issue your certificate.

  1. Are there any Pre-requisites for enrolling to this Online Training Bundle?

No, there are no pre-requisites for this training. Anyone who is keen to learn about specific Industry based domains can enroll for this Ultimate bundle.

  1. Will I get any technical Support during my Training at eduCBA?

Yes, you will be getting technical Support from eduCBA. In case you have any technical issue, you can drop us a mail or call us to get your doubts cleared.

  1. What are the Payment Options?

There are both Online & Offline Payment options available. In online payment options you pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking. In offline payment option you can deposit Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft.

  1. What if I have more Queries?

Just drop us a mail on info@educba.com




Very Clear

I just didn’t give the full 5 stars because the course is too short. It’s actually so well explained that we want to learn more. I one is looking for an introduction to VBA, this is the perfect course. And I would recommend people to joint this course in the near future. But this course should be longer, in order to introduce more concepts

David Gamboa


Good VBA Examples

This course had some decent entry-level VBA examples and would be very friendly for new users. It explains how to record macros and how to edit them afterwards. The examples are simple enough that a newcomer should be able to follow along.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get started with Excel Macros.

Adheesh Sharma


Great Learning

The course I did on Basic Excel was amazing and the way the videos are designed it becomes so easy to understand the concepts. the course helped me in clearing alot of my doubts regarding the shortcuts that can be used in excel to simplify the work and maximize the productivity. it was an amazing experience and i would like to thank eduCBA for it.

Jose Martinez


Very Helpful

Easy to follow content. Very basic and well explained. The course has the worksheets available for download so the student can review the content after each lecture. If you are an avid Excel user this course will be very boring. This course is perfect for someone who knows nothing about Excel or someone who knows a little. The keyboard shortcuts are a tool everyone should learn.

Lee Ta


Basic Microsoft Excel Training

Very good basic Excel training course. The course covers many basic fundamental and key features and enable beginner to learn and practice and be ready to use what have been learned in this course to apply to real life projects. This course is definitely a good beginner course and prepare beginner well for advance courses.

Kanika Gupta


Basic Investment Banking Course

It was great and informational as well as helpful, it cleared all my doubts regarding excel and investment banking. it will help in my career as well. the excel course was very much helpful as it started with the basics and cleared all my concepts. and the calculator video will further helpme in clearing CFA.

Michael Akpawu


Advanced Microsoft Excel

The most comprehensive online course on excel. I have been exposed to advanced functions in excel and I am extremely happy my proficiency level in Microsoft Excel is advanced. This has been incredibly helpful to me as a portfolio analyst as I am able to complete excel related projects efficiently and effectively.

Nikunja Nawal


Microsoft Excel

It was a great learning experience and I have mastered in Excel after availing this course. The course was detailed and easy to grasp. It was very handy and helped me in many of my project during my MBA studies. The division of the course and the different versions of Excel being stacked into a single course is amazing and different from other courses.

Álvaro Chagas da Luz Neto


Great Course

a complete guide for anyone who wants to master excel.

This course was made for people who had never touched and excel spreedsheet, so if you have some knowledge, skip the first modules.
Later on, the course teaches in a easy way concepts like pivot tables and Filters. Something I found unique were the shortcut videos and presentation. Even though most people use excel on a daily basis, most of us don’t some basic shortcuts that can spare us a good time and how to adapt it to a printed version.

Recommend this course to anyone

William Schulz


eduCBA Advanced Microsoft Excel Course

This course was very thorough and well structured. I learned a significant amount about the different functionalities in Excel and feel like I have at least a basic understanding of many if not all of the features in the program. With practice over time I hope to build on the foundation this course has provided me.

Nitesh Tilwani


Advanced Excel 2016

EduCba provides a great platform for developing various office skills. I heard about EduCba from a website and explored it. I have enrolled for various courses which are very instructive and user friendly.
Excel Advanced course caught my eye when I was looking to learn excel formulas which are not used frequently. It is a well designed course thereby serving all the needs of a professional in an office environment.
Thank You for providing such a platform!

Shi Qing Ng


Excel VBA EduCBA

Clear and easy to follow.
Good examples used.
Good dynamic codes introduced that can be applied to different scenarios.
Detailed explanation on the use of Userforms.
EduCBA staffs are responsive and provides me with the help/information I need, easing my learning process.
Should introduce more VBA functions.

Thomas J. Young


Basic Excel Training

Excellent course for beginners and experienced Excel users. This basic course fills gaps in knowledge. I have reviewed this course for use in training staff. Information is presented with clarity and in a logical pedagogical sequence. Experienced users can easily fast forward to get to the relevant nuggets of information that might be new to them. For the novice/beginner, this course covers the key foundational elements you’ll need to use 80% of the time.

Antonio Tirado



This is an excellent course, very useful and interesting. The instructor explains everything thoroughly and the examples that he provides are very good as well. The pace at which the lessons are explained is appropriate. Definitely I recommend this course.

Hima Indhukuri


Microsoft Excel – Advanced

This course will explain the concepts of excel in a very simple and clear way and gives a very detail understanding of excel software. The practical excel files were attached with this course which came very handy so that i could practice what was being taught using same data in excels without wasting time looking for data. Also the curriculum of course is well designed

Raghuram Vedula


Nice and Easy to Understand

The teaching method of the trainer is very good and overall structure of the course is thoughtfully organized to make participants easily adapt to the complexity. The trainer is very clear and made the complex content easy to understand. The coverage of the topic is also very good wherein the trainer covered almost all the important areas of Excel. Overall, after this session, my efficiency in Excel has increased significantly. Thank you for such a wonderful session.

Rahul Upadhyay


VBA & Macros advanced

In this we’ve learned how to make User forms and try to code, automate and tweak various attributes. we also learned how to code on VBA and how macros wold help us to build code for the same.
for coding we would take help from the excel and would tweak the code for our use. we also learned how arrays, looping would help us in coding and we also learned how to print and email the PDFs. It was enriching learning experience.

Joseph Mangini


The Basic SQL Bootcamp

This is the absolute essential beginners guide to the Structured Query Language. From a basic explanation of SQL’s simplest commands clear through data manipulation and grouping, this course is perfect for somebody just starting out with the programming language, or anyone looking for a refresher.

Akshay Zaveri


About Advance Excel Course

This Advance Excel 2010 course explain the difficult concepts of excel in a very simple and clear way and gives a very detail understanding of excel software. Excel is the best spreadsheet software available and in my opinion is the most important software for any company. Also the curriculum of course is well designed

Navneet Kaur


Well explained excel features

This course is really helpful for those who have a strong passion for learning excel. The way the the formulae and features are explained is quite good. Also the pace of teaching is good. The files attached for practice makes it easier for people to apply what they have learnt and check whether they have actually understood the course.