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  • Houdini FX - Unleash The Power of Houdini
    8h 03m
  • Procedural Modeling in Houdini - Beginners
    4h 27m
  • Procedural Modeling in Houdini - Advanced
    8h 53m
  • Houdini Soft Body Dynamics
    5h 04m
  • Mastering Destruction in Houdini
    9h 23m
  • Houdini Cloth Workflow
    7h 37m
  • VEX Wrangle in Houdini
    9h 57m
  • Houdini
    39h 33m
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Skills you will master

  • Houdini
  • VFX
  • Procedural Modeling in Houdini
  • Houdini Soft Body Dynamics
  • Destruction in Houdini
  • Houdini Cloth Workflow
  • VEX Wrangle
  • Houdini Tools
  • Animation Tools
  • Rigging Tools
  • Lighting Tools
  • Rendering
  • Manipulation Tools
  • User Interface
  • Tab Options
  • Deform Tab
  • Key Frame Animation
  • VFX and Animation
  • RBD
  • Crowd Populate


The Path to Magical 3D Animations

If you want a 3D animation software which can cast a spell on you, Houdini training is vital. Houdini blends exceptional performance with ease to use and top quality software that provides powerful animation experiences for designing movies, commercial advertisements or games. It has a node based procedural workflow so content creation is faster and this ensures flexibility as well as efficient time management.

Who Should Learn Houdini Training?

If you want to pull a rabbit out of that hat when it comes to animation, Houdini is the perfect software for the job.

Modelers, lighters as well as animators and character riggers would do well to acquire Houdini training.

Houdini software serves as a powerful layout and lighting instrument for creating graphic visual effect that can be rivaled by few other software.

Houdini: Enchanting Features

Houdini is a software with many tricks up its sleeve. Let’s examine its unique features one by one.

  • Modeling– Creating Complex Layouts

Houdini has intricate models such as environments. As users function interactively within the viewport, a network of nodes is created to regulate modeling action. The nodes are efficiently managed to ensure smooth and seamless operation.  The node network’s parts can be easily copy pasted onto fresh networks to jumpstart work. Easily revising parameters on nodes as well as moving off to investigate fresh ideas or make the transition between nodes to maintain productivity and ensure comparison of the topology.

Creating Growing Environments

Modelers have a tough task ahead of them if they want to model environment bit by bit. When Houdini works its charm, procedural networks can be built from smaller kits of parts. When systems are in position, features can be added such as scale and height along with randomness and expand the solution to any size.  Low resolution models can also be set up and swapped for time rendering and enhancing efficiency. Building environments that grow and expand are very easy thanks to Houdini training.

Tidying up the Geometry

A clean geometry can work wonders for building a model which is into animation, rendering or proper exports to the game engines. If you want basic entry to every aspect and procedural methods for production ready geometry, Houdini training will get you there. Complex inputs translate into simply clean geometry that optimizes the poly counts or creates detailed level geometry for real time gaming engine.

If you are looking to create network of nodes defining the geometry creation process, Houdini training is what you need. You can use networks to create assets to share with colleagues and boost the workflow.Access to latest and best tools and primitive types as well as complex model making polysoups and packed primitives ensure efficiency. Volumetric modeling ensures one can work without taking topology into account.

Open VDB ensures high resolution volumetric data can be created with ease and effectiveness. Cloud FX tool offer optimal means of sculpting, rendering and building cloud formations in a way that matches graphics. As one works in an interaction, Houdini  training enables you to explore new frontiers while remaining extremely productive. Houdini volumes are needed for open utilization of persistent tile compression schemes. This is perfect for holding volumes high in density and continuously varying SDF fields.

OpenDVB: Houdini’s Bag of Wonders

OpenVDB is completely interfaced into Houdini and is an C++ based unit which is open source constituting new hierarchical datas and tool suite for management of volumetric data of less density. It is for use with volumetric apps generally seen in movie production.

  • Cloud and Houdini: Working in Tandem

Cloud Rig is a tool which creates a cloud network using Cloud, Cloud Noise and Cloud Light nodes in conjunction with Skylight and Sunlight to come up with a comprehensive cloud set up. Suffice to say if sunny days are here, cloud rigs have an important role to play. Tool also computers light field to provide support for volume reddening and approximates light scattering into the cloud and leading to greater efficiency in rendering.

Cloud is a tool in Houdini which coverts geometry into a cloud volume and provides control over volume density and shape. A puffier look is possible through the use of secondary shapes.  Cloud Noise is perfect for adding noise pattern to volume to create more cloud like shape. Meanwhile, the Sky Rig in Houdini creates a sky abuzz with volumetric clouds and generates procedural clouds within. There are many volume tools as well such as volume, fog point, paint fog and paint SDF as well as fog particles.  There are several volume tools as well such as convert VDB and SDF Polys.

  • A Class Animation

Houdini has a workflow that is animator friendly including an interactive timeline. channel editors and dope sheet. Keyframes are set on the parameter or progressive motion editing tools can be employed for more control.

Workflow that Works for the Animator

Animators can set keyframes on objects which have been selected and the results can be seen in the timeline, dope sheet or channel editor. Channel groups can be set up to make keyframes on multiple parameters available to eliminate motion.

  • Motion Editing Tools that are Advanced

The procedural motion editing environment known as CHOPs enables users to set up a motion on the basis of node workflow or import motion which is keyframes, running it on motion filters and sending back results to original parameters. Tools offer a fresh way of manipulating motion data opening up endless possibilities for creativity.  Some of the animation tools include the following:

  1. Pose
  2. Parent
  3. Jiggle
  4. Blend Pose
  5. Dynamic Parent
  6. Lag
  7. Follow Path
  8. Look At
  9. Parent Blend

Motion FX buttons that Do the Job

Motion FX buttons make motion editing a chinch. The buttons that are the key factors in this include:

  1. Cycle
  2. Limit
  3. Smooth
  4. Wave
  5. De-Spike
  6. Noise
  7. Spring
  8. Lag
  9. Shift
  10. Stretch
  • Character Rigging: When Animation Comes Alive

Houdini training also equips ani


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Sample Certificate



Jenny Rose T. Caballero

Sketch Up Pro 2016

This course is such an opening knowledge for sketch up. The instructor show the basics first and then he gave us a glimpse/ background of what other amazing things we can do on sketch up. Other than that, he thought us some shortcuts and options that we can used for future references. Good work! I learned a lot. So now, I will try to do my own design and practice more.


Sketchup Pro 2016

Sketchup Pro 2016 gives an idea on editing more in an easier way of editing 2 and 3 dimensional objects. It may not be the best software out there but it can show right perspective on what ever the user wish see to end product. It is well explain giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words in brief but comprehensive.

Rahul Mahtaney

Adobe Photoshop Review

This is an amazing course teaching oneself the very basics of Photoshop. It helps one understand its uses and utilities in a simplified manner. It also teaches how to make logos and also use the pen tool in depth. The dispersion technique, one of the hardest to implement is explained in a very easy way. Since the basics are taught right, further difficult techniques can be learnt faster. A very recommended course.



I Have really enjoyed the CSS3 course, in this course I got a very good review of CSS and especially in the area of responsive web design, this course covers all aspect of CSS3 from the basic CSS style to how to set your CSS for responsive design and friendly pages to be printed. I recommend this course 100% Thanks

Mark David D. Generato


This course covered all the basics. It was wonderful! I've been doing Photoshop for a while and I managed to get up to speed to know all the tools needed to start something. Although, the accent sometimes is not understandable, but the examples itself spoke for themselves. I will definitely check out the advanced ones!

Mark Cain

Great information

Great job by being specific with the keys you are using. Makes it much easier to follow along in the tutorial. I Found it very informative from beginning to end. If I had one request, it would be to insert an "image" of the keys you are using during the tutorial. At some points in the videos it is hard to hear exactly what key is being said.

Vivek Kumar

Very Informative

Good course with lot of information. It covers many topics, there is lot of focus on manual installation of word press both from installation and administration perspective. There is information about third party tools and website which may come handy from application development viewpoint. Various aspects of word press development are covered in this course.


Concise and Clear

As a beginner designer (not designer at all to be honest) everything seemed very clear to me. Good examples for illustrating the speech . Some are very funny. Good voice tone and pronunciation.I Learned a lot about shapes and and how to design logo. Overall I would recommend this lesson. Interesting course

Mark Cain


I am very appreciative for the access to this course. I like the fact that the instructor took the time for each section to be able to distinguish specifics within the design. There are a lot of intangibles that go into designing a diagram of a house and the instructor did a great job of not making it over whelming.

Mark Cain


This tutorial is very well presented by the instructor. I appreciate the attention to detail that the instructor took to all of the intangibles within the presentation. It was presented in a way that a person who is fairly new to the program can follow along. I would recommend this tutorial to anyone who is needing to learn the foundations of maya.

K Shawn Hensley

Detailed course

This course goes through everything from audio basics to how to use every feature of Audition. There is a lot of information in this course, but it does a good job of demonstrating every feature of the software and how to use them. I did not need all of the features, but they are all in this course to learn and use.

Karol Moran

EduCBA Training

I liked their trainings, worth taking it. I took course on Understanding Wordpress Administration as a refresher more-so rather than an catch all admin guide. The course gives a reasonably detailed overview of the UI and options for a user new to basic administration of WordPress. Overall it is a useful refresher on the basic administration of an existing WordPress site.

Frank Worcester

Really Comprehensive Courses

A really comprehensive course on Solidworks, would recommend to anyone! In addition to the requirements of learning the mechanical design point of view of the software and simulation, it shows you how to create multiple of mate relations and technical drawings. These are all needed for a complete understanding of the software in order to use it in the industries it was created for. This has given me the knowledge required to use the software effectively.

K Shawn Hensley

Very Thorough

This is a very thorough course that will take you step by step through all of the features of Adobe Captivate and give you an understanding of what they do, and demonstrate how to use them. I found this course very helpful in understanding the features available and very easy to understand how to use them. Each step is also demonstrated to show how it looks.

Anne Wijning

Good Refresher Course on Adobe Photoshop

While the course does not go into advanced features of Photoshop, it's a good beginner's, or refresh course. If you want to get started with photoshop, or like me, haven't used the program in a while, then this is absolutely for you. The instructor does a very good job explaining the pen/vector tool system and thought me some shortcuts I didn't even know about! Though the speaker's voice goes a bit monotone near the end, all in all I'm still satisfied with the course.

Alex Kollar

CSS3 Course

Over all it was a good course the instructor was awesome, The lessons are compact enough to not get to overwhelmed. The content was spot on to what I needed to learn. The lessons are structured in a fun way that promotes learning and knowledge retention. I can see myself working in the field of web development now that I have completed this course. Slowly the pieces are coming together in the best of ways. Anyone looking to learn. Go here.

Unnit Kothari

Enjoyed the training of Unity

I loved the video tutorials. it helped in clearing my doubts and also gave me some knowledge about the game i really loved it, this site is very useful for people who want to learn online i will make sure that i will share this website to many people so that people will come to know and their knowledge will also increase good work by the creators of this site hope so u add many as such courses which can truly help us thank you so much

zala meenakumari

Good Course on Big Data

A good introduction to big data, maybe too focused on Hadoop and the technological side. The course focuses on the architecture of Hadoop systems rather than on business applications and the implications of big data for non-information technology employment. The course is short enough to complete in under an hour, I would make sure to undertake further courses to get a more applicable understanding of the subject....

Pradyumna Paralikar

Reviews of educba on Unity Training

This course is an introduction to the game development career. You can create any 2D or 3D game with Unity. You can make it with ease, you can make it highly-optimized and beautiful, and you can deploy it with a click to more platforms than you have fingers and toes. And all these functions are taught under this course which is superb to learn & experiment as well.

rahul mathur

Excellent Course on Solid Works

Amazing course to those who dont have time to join centre, very good learning at home u can learn anytime according to your mood plus nice videos with complete knowledge and easily understandable,very nice learning and each and very detail in the videos mentioned very clearly. I read few of educba testimonials and then decided to go for this training so providing this educba reviews to help the team know their quality of work seriously overall a very nice course lots of learning and a complete package to know about solid works and at last buying this solidworks package worth it .


  1. Can I access this course from anywhere?

Yes, you can definitely access this course from anywhere & everywhere. Once you are registered for this Online Training Bundle, you will get your own login credentials which you can use to access the video materials and other contents from anywhere.

  1. Is there a Classroom Training available for this Online Training?

All our courses are available online so as to enable any user, who may have limited time, to study his courses of choice online. The training materials are accessible 24*7 for the users.

  1. Who are the Instructors for this Online Training?

The instructors are Industry based professional who have had tons of experience in the field of Online Training. All the courses in this bundle are based on Industry based standards. Also the courses have been started from Scratch to get the participant well-acquainted with each and every Online Training concept.

  1. Are there any Certification Courses for Online Training available in this Online Training bundle?

Yes, there are certification courses available for the same in this Ultimate Online Training Bundle. To name a few- PMI-ACP Exam Prep – PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Training, PMP Exam Prep Training, NCFM based Modules, ITIL Modules, CFA Training etc.

  1. When will I receive my certificate for any course?

You will receive certificate for completing each course in the Online Training Bundle. Once you have seen more than 70% of the training material in any course, you can issue your certificate.

  1. Are there any Pre-requisites for enrolling to this Online Training Bundle?

No, there are no pre-requisites for this training. Anyone who is keen to learn about specific Industry based domains can enroll for this Ultimate bundle.

  1. Will I get any technical Support during my Training at eduCBA?

Yes, you will be getting technical Support from eduCBA. In case you have any technical issue, you can drop us a mail or call us to get your doubts cleared.

  1. What are the Payment Options?

There are both Online & Offline Payment options available. In online payment options you pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking. In offline payment option you can deposit Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft.

  1. What if I have more Queries?

Just drop us a mail on info@educba.com

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