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SPSS Certification Course

7 Online Courses

14+ Hours

Verifiable Certificate of Completion

Lifetime Validity



  • Descriptive Statistics
    1h 16m
  • Correlation Techniques
    2h 05m
  • Linear Regression Modeling
    3h 16m
  • Multiple Regression Modeling
    2h 35m
  • Logistic Regression
    2h 04m
  • Multinomial Regression
    2h 02m
  • Analyze Data for Statistical Analysis
    2h 08m
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Skills you will master

  • SPSS
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Correlation Techniques
  • Scatter Plot
  • Linear Regression
  • T-Value
  • Regression Equation
  • MS Excel
  • Multiple Regression Modeling
  • Logistic Regression
  • Multinomial Regression
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Basic Data Management
  • Correlation Analysis

 Online SPSS Certification Course

This SPSS Certification includes  7 comprehensive SPSS courses with 14+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. It is an amazing collection of practical and hands-on learning of the most updated training programs and projects in the area of SPSS Tool and its application. You will also get verifiable certificates (unique certification number and your unique URL) when you complete each of the 7 courses. This SPSS certification course will help you learn to interpret data for statistical analysis.

SPSS is a statistical data analysis software developed by IBM. This online training course on SPSS covers some of the very important and core module of SPSS and makes candidates who undergo this training industry ready in quite a short period of time. The module covers topics such as Descriptive statistics, correlation techniques, scatter plot, linear regression, T-value, regression equation, MS Excel, Multiple linear regression, logistic regression, multinomial regression, statistical analysis, basic data management, correlation analysis etc. There are 7 online courses in the module which span for 14+ hours of content. The course comes with a verifiable certificate which can be recognized by individuals and employers as well. The certificate has a lifetime validity.

The detailed course description is given below. Students can have a look and determine if the course suits their need. Each module is carefully prepared and covers the complete syllabus for starting as an SPSS analyst. Each video comes up with relevant examples and practice exercise too.

About SPSS Certification Course

Course Name Online SPSS Certification Course Bundle
Deal You get access to all 7 courses bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.
Hours 14+ Video Hours
Core Coverage Descriptive Statistics, Correlation Technique, Regression Modeling, Logistic Regression, Multinomial Regression using SPSS
Course Validity Lifetime Access
Eligibility Anyone who is serious about learning SPSS and wants to make a career in Data/Statistical Analysis
Pre-Requisites Basis Statistical concepts
What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 7 courses
Certification Type Course Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your Resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced data analysis skills
Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning
Software Required SPSS, Microsoft Excel
System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher
Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Online SPSS Course Curriculum

In this section, each module of the SPSS training is explained briefly:

Serial No. Course Name Course Description
1 SPSS training This is more than 2 hours long SPSS course which begins with an introduction to SPSS. It teaches data entry, arranging columns, mean, median, mode, basic data management, correlation analysis etc. and provides many practical examples and practice exercises.
2 Descriptive statistics using SPSS This SPSS course module is about 1 hour long and covers some of the most important descriptive statistics topics. It teaches importing data as txt or csv file, importing data in xlsx, the understanding user operating concepts, implementation using SPSS and then provides practice exercises.
3 Linear regression modeling using SPSS This SPSS certification course module introduces Octave. Linear regression using SPSS is covered in fair details in about 3 hours. Interpretation of regression results is stressed for better understanding of concepts. SPSS examples and practice files are also shared.
4 Understanding correlation techniques using SPSS This SPSS course module is 2.5 hours long and covers some of the key topics for SPSS training. It teaches basic correlation theory, interpretation of results, implementation on dataset, examples and practice.
5 Multiple regression techniques using SPSS This module which is little less than 3 hours, teaches topics such as introduction to multiple linear regression, important output variables and explains concepts with so many examples and practice sets.
6 Logistics regression SPSS This 2 hours long video talks about logistic regression mainly. It also covers concepts like working with IBM SPSS statistical data editor, IBM SPSS viewer, Implementation using MS Excel with many examples and practice exercises.
7 Multinomial polynomial regression using SPSS This SPSS certification course module is again 2 hours long. It teaches concepts such as multinomial polynomial regression, case studies, model fitting information, asymptotic correlation matrix, understanding dataset and generating output, interpretation of results etc. Many examples and practice exercises are also provided.

Certificate of Completion

SPSS Certification Course


What is SPSS?

SPSS is a data analysis software which was designed by IBM in 1968. It is quite old and provides robust functionality. SPSS is used for interactive or batched statistical analysis. It comes with a license which the user needs to purchase to use it. SPSS is available on all operating system platforms such as Windows, Linux etc. the software size is approx. 700 MB.

Recently with the advent of machine learning technologies, the application of core statistics has become very limited for data analysis, still, a lot of companies and legacy systems use SPSS. SPSS is completely based on statistics and machine learning capability has been made available recently, still, it does quite well in terms of data analysis. Several types of visualization options, report generation options and report export options are available which makes it quite useful. In new releases, machine learning, text mining, open source extensions, integration with big data, seamless deployment features have been added.

SPSS is easy to use, is quite flexible and scalable which makes it very useful for all skillset peoples and all employees of an organization from intern to C level executives.

What tangible skills will I learn from this SPSS course?

Most significant skills that a learner can acquire from this SPSS online training course is as below: –

  • Data analysis skill: – data analysis is the first step toward a career in business intelligence, machine learning, big data, and many other fields. SPSS course teaches fundamental and highly useful data analysis skill from a beginner level.
  • SPSS skills: – Having a certification in SPSS pay wells in long term. As it is niche skill, a lot of people are not aware and hence benefit goes to them who knows to use it well. Currently, when data science is great in demand, SPSS can help to move the first step towards the field of data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Pre-requisites to SPSS Training

There is some pre-requisite for this SPSS certification course and the same are illustrated below. These pre-requisite help students understand if they are ready for the course or not. These also bridge the gap with the course as the student can first learn pre-requisite if not known earlier and then learn SPSS to gain maximum benefit out of this course.

  • Familiarity with Excel: – If someone knows excel and have used it earlier then it is quite easy to understand my functionality of SPSS well. If Excel is not known, one can follow some online tutorial and get it done before the commencement of course.
  • Math’s skill: – As SPSS is a statistical software and data analysis is highly dependent on mathematics, students should be quite comfortable with math to understand all concepts. If you think you might have forgotten your high school mathematics, it is recommended that you brush it up before joining the course.
  • Familiarity with basics of computer or any one programing language: – this is preferred but optional.

Target Audience for this SPSS Course

This course is suitable for a wide variety of working professionals. From junior employees and freshers who want to get into data analysis to team leaders and managers who want to introduce or acquire new projects, this skill could be quite helpful. Data and data related activities are the defining work on this decade and it has good scope for coming several years as well.

This profession is also suitable for non-engineering background peoples, information system folks, executive assistants of CEO and researches from multiple domains.

SPSS Course FAQ’s- General Questions

Some questions are answered here which will help students take right decision related to this SPSS course as well as general doubts in this field.

How good is the market of SPSS? Will I get a job after the SPSS course?

SPSS has a strong market and a large list of customers who uses it. They are always in need of good people who are well skilled in SPSS and thus there is always a demand of quality workforce.
If students learn the skill very well, they are very likely to get the job after the completion of course.

How is this SPSS certification course better than others in the market?

This course provides a lot of examples and practice material which is the biggest USP of this online training, whereas most of the other course only focus on theory or are very short in nature, this SPSS certification course is quite detailed and comes with mini-projects as well. Thus students learn almost all require functions of SPSS.

How long is the SPSS certification valid?

The certification has a lifetime validity and there I no need for any renewal.

Sample Preview of this SPSS Training Course 

Arranging columns in Asc‚ Desc order
Chi-Square Test
Heart Pulse Study Continues




Career Benefits of this Training on SPSS

There could be many career benefits of this training. Those companies who use SPSS are always in look for hiring great talent and they pay package is also good. IBM which is the parent company of SPSS is quite reputed and hence there is a long list of customers who use SPSS. These companies hire SPSS trained people to get their data analysis job done. People trained in SPSS can also work in other tools such as SAAS where learning time will be quite low because of already having some facility of many overlapping functions.

Many people also migrate internally in their organization after taking this SPSS certification course or get promoted to more challenging and senior role.

SPSS Course Testimonials

Evan John Halbach


Solid Refresher

This course was a solid refresher on running linear regressions in SPSS. The instructor’s pace was just right to keep up with minimal pausing. While the videos were very valuable, the real asset was having some practice data to work with. Nice Learning experience!

Evan John Halbach


Hector Aguado



This was a very good basic introduction to SPSS and how to use it in an overall manner. Those who are new to SPSS can definitely go for this course, you will get familiar with what the overall layout of the program is, how it works and what the most important buttons do, and then you can get started working on it.

Hector Aguado


Evan J. Halbach


Excellent Intermediate Refresher

This SPSS certification course was an excellent refresher geared at and probably most suitable for those who have some basic familiarity with statistical analysis but would like to sharpen up their skills. The speaker’s voice and speed made comprehension quite easy, the video quality excellent, and included practice templates adequate.

Evan J. Halbach




Best Professional Development Platform

I have tried lot of e-portals to have a complete set of curriculum on a specific professional SPSS course, but did not find any. Thanks to EduCBA for their brilliant initiative to put details of the course and related topic in a single platform along issuing a course completion certificate……



Dr. Pallavi


SPSS-Analyze Data for Statistical Analysis

This course is highly recommended. Came across it after a lot of searching. Content is great. Seems to be intended for college students, Researcher and Academician.Whether you are new to SPSS or an occasional user this course is a great review of the basics. I’ve used SPSS on and off for years but still learned some great approaches and got a refresher on some basic stats too. Being able to go back and look at lectures later is a real plus. I thought this was great value for the cost of the course.

Dr. Pallavi