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AWS Training Course

10 Online Courses

54+ Hours

Verifiable Certificates

Lifetime Validity



  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    9h 12m
  • AWS Certified Solution Architect
    9h 58m
  • Amazon Cloud Computing
    7h 49m
  • AWS Technical Essentials Training
    7h 23m
  • AWS Simple Email Service
    2h 17m
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
    4h 04m
  • AWS Certified SysOps
    8h 12m
  • AWS Machine Learning
    2h 35m
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Skills you will master

  • Cloud Computing
  • AWS
  • Data Storage
  • Java API
  • AWS Security
  • EC2
  • VPC
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Email Service
  • Devops
  • Sysops
  • Route 53
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Migration
  • AWS Tools

AWS Online Training Course

This AWS Training Certification Course includes 10 comprehensive AWS courses with 50+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. It is an amazing collection of practical and hands-on learning of the most updated training programs and projects in the area of AWS. You will also get verifiable certificates (unique certification number and your unique URL) when you complete each of the 10 courses. It will explain you concepts such as AWS, Cloud computing, Data storage, DevOps, Machine learning and much more right from the basics to advanced concepts.

All of these courses thoroughly covers one or other fundamental concepts of cloud computing and provide enough examples and hands-on practice materials that even the beginners in AWS can understand them with ease


About AWS Training

Course Name Online AWS Training Bundle
Deal You get access to all 10 courses bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.
Hours 50+ Video Hours
Core Coverage AWS, Cloud computing, Data storage, DevOps, Machine learning, Sysops, Cloud migration
Course Validity Lifetime Access
Eligibility Anyone who is serious about learning AWS Cloud and wants to make a career in this Field
Pre-Requisites Familiarity with at least one programming language is recommended
What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 10 courses
Certification Type Course Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your Resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced cloud computing skills
Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning
Software Required AWS Account
System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher
Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Online AWS Training Curriculum

In this section, we talk about all the courses that are offered under our AWS Training Course Bundle along with their description.

Serial No Course Name Course Description
1  AWS Cloud Computing training This module trainee you to configure AWS service successfully and you can gain a good understanding of the most popular virtualization and cloud computing platforms. They describe key services on a cloud platform, Aws cloud value, Cloud architecture principles.
2 AWS certified solutions Architect- associate – level  This Amazon web services AWS training establishes knowledge of how-to architect and deploys a secure, strong application on AWS technologies. They build from AWS fundamentals to advanced courses. The learning path focuses on data security/ troubleshooting and implementation/deployment.
3 AWS -Certified –SysOps This AWS training includes how cloud plays a role in web services and how to use VPC and their components, meanwhile, to create presentations to support Commercial cloud Service. To work with this, you need to finish AWS solution architect associate. You will learn how to manipulate amazon’s elasticity to reliably respond to quickly changing the environment.
4 AWS – technical – essentials –training You will learn how to work with AWS management console, security measures, storage and database. It trains on Amazon products, services, solutions and working with relational database service to access an application.
5  Amazon cloud computing – Hosting an ASP.NET Website on Amazon EC2 In this module, you will learn how to use Amazon machine images to create the instances and logging into instances using key Pairs. And how you can add network interfaces by assigning an IP address using Elastic IP’S. This amazon web services training covers Management tools(Cloud watch, trail, formation).In this AWS training you will learn how to configure ec2 server ,hosting the website On EC2 instance.
6 AWS Certified Dev-ops Engineer You will learn about AWS storage and content delivery network and also a creation of a high valuable website. To establish frequent delivery and automate the process using Amazon Web service. The topics covered here allow you to learn Advanced CD, automation, Core AWS tools.
7  AWS Machine Learning Services This amazon web services- AWS training course Introduces tools that enable capabilities across framework, machine learning platforms, API driven services. Machine learning explores the study of algorithms that can learn from data. The AWS training includes Accessing AML, processing, evaluation and data formats of Machine learning.
8 AWS Cloud Migration In this AWS training you will learn AWS migration methodology planning principles and best practices and estimation of cost and also how to perform and validate application migration to the cloud and opportunities and challenges in the cloud.
9 AWS Simple Email Services This AWS training course focuses in setting up simple email service to build in email functionality into an application by pay-per-use service. The training will include how to send email using SMTP and SES API and to develop email templates to send personalized emails. You will learn how to send invitations, error alerts, Status.
10 Cloud Computing for Business Users In this AWS course you will learn deployment models of the cloud , cloud architecture and moving business to the cloud. Then, you will learn how to open AWS account and also to access other AWS resources. AWS training portfolio of business essentials is for IT business decision makers.

Certificate of Completion

AWS Training Course


What is AWS?

Amazon launched AWS, they provide complete Cloud Functionality. AWS is completely Platform Independent and no knowledge in Operating System is required. There are many scenarios where AWS isn’t an option. There are many AWS use cases: A small manufacturing Organization can use his expertises and expand his business through reproduction where leading IT management to AWS. A large enterprise spread across the globe.  Architecture construction prototypes. Media company provides different types of contact (video, audio) to the worldwide customers.

Based on the concept of Pay -As-you-Go AWS provides us with the speed of service that customer can use when required and without any long-time requirement. The platform enables customers to procure services from such as Development Platforms, computing, Networking, Database storage, programming Models.  The distributed IT Infrastructure provided through AWS has emerged with time, Through the lessons learned over 16 years of experience. AWS completely listen to its customer feedback which enables the AWS team to efficiently deliver creative features and services.

Even today AWS frequent to hone its Operational expertise continually to retain Lasting reliability by employing its own advances and industry practices into cloud infrastructure. When talking about Cost -Effectiveness They have no upfront investment or long-term commitment and minimum expense. This is its significant advantage when compared to the traditional IT infrastructure. Through AWS techniques such as Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing can automatically scan resources. They scale up the required resources to fill up the demand when the demands fall without affecting speed and performance. As a result, any organization enjoys the benefits of reduced cost and customer satisfaction.

AWS provides end – to -end security and privacy policy to its customers. Its virtual Infrastructure offers optimum availability while managing full privacy of customers and isolation of their operations. Customers can expect high physical security, and this is due to Amazon ’s several years of experience in designing, developing and running large scaled IT enterprises. AWS strictly controls, supervises and audits physical access to data centre networks.

Which Skills will you learn in this AWS Training (Amazon Web Services)?

Here are some of the skills you will consider as most important when hiring employees and to build a career:

You will learn how to sign up to Amazon Web Service to get hands-on AWS service available today secondly how to use command line interface for this tool, creating a website and finally building windows and Linux servers.

For cloud Support engineer the tangible skills required are networking, Java, technical support and network administrator.

AWS cloud Admin requires tangible skills in AWS (certification is mandatory for profession level of AWS).

For larger data analysis in Amazon, you require Hadoop skills to build around the technology. Part of AIC is looking for architects they are experienced technologists with technical depth. You will learn some services which are widely used today: they are EC2, RDS, VPC, S3.

By Continuous delivery approaches, skills covered are cloud computing, IT, Web services.

Pre-requisites to AWS Training (Amazon Web Services)? 

  • There is no prerequisite to take this AWS training course but need knowledge of Cloud computing, Networking, Security and storage.
  • Basic Linux Commands.
  • The AWS IT Infrastructure has been developed and managed according to the good security practices, certifications, and IT security standards levels.
  • This certification includes prior knowledge of machine learning basic Linux commands along with Java programming required.
  • Linux is the main choice for using an Infrastructure – as – a -Service. Knowledge of virtualization is required as it runs multiple operating systems within a single machine.
  • Should have a basic understanding of IT services and their benefits in the AWS Cloud platform and Linux CLI.

Target Audience for this AWS Training

This certification is best suited for IT developers, Sysops administrators Basic knowledge of any programming language, but this AWS training course can be taken by any user who is interested in AWS.And people who are interested in facing highly scalable, fault tolerance application on the cloud. People who are interested in deploying the application on AWS. DevOps requires System administrators and developers as the intended audience.

Student completes a project using various services of AWS. AWS training educates students to greatly learn cloud-related learning to help entrepreneurs, research in future. They provide guidance on AWS architecture at best practices.

AWS Course FAQ’s- General Questions

How to access this AWS in an environment?

The ways to access AWS are AWS Management console, AWS command line interface, Command line tools, Query API’s.

Does having an AWS Training Certification guarantee more profit?

Yes, of course, it gains more profits as this is the highest pay certification in the current market. Our certification training is more dynamic and you can tackle the final exam simulation with confidence.

What are the benefits Of Amazon Web Services?

The benefits of AWS are they are flexible, Pay-per-use, scalable and performance, reliable. And make the user a future AWS expertise.

What tools needed to work with this AWS Training course?

The tools required to work with AWS training are Windows XP, Linux, Internet Speed.

I don’t have a background in AWS, can I do this AWS training?

No, the background is required. Needed only AWS absolute Beginners and no previous year experience required.

How long it takes to complete this AWS training course?

Time to completion can vary depends upon the schedule. It depends on a number of hours you sit per day. Roughly 70-80 hours if you are a slow reader.

How about the certificate validation?

Need Updation of the certificates for every two years. Recertification is required.

Sample Preview of this AWS Training (Amazon Web Services)

S3 Java API
Creating Instance in Private Subnet
EBS Volume Detached and Destroy





Career Benefits of this Training on AWS

AWS Certified training will offer a lot of job opportunities in AWS- related projects. AWS being highly rated, certification will gain a lot of demand in the IT market as more companies are moving to the cloud, Amazon provides highly flexible and secure cloud services. Therefore, the need for AWS trained people has increased.

Furthermore, it helps to expand your network and it is good for the business. The average salary of AWS Trained certificate has been improved. They have gone up to 10% the previous year. So, it is better to learn these skills now to grab the opportunity to compete in the software Industry.

This AWS training empowers you with the skills you need to put your own virtual server, set up RDMS, to monitor the resource deployed on Amazon cloud. This certificate validates your team skills, knowledge and expertise with the AWS platform.

AWS Training Course Testimonials


Rakha Purbawisesa


Nice for beginners

Brief review of some well-known technologies, I worked with these ago and after take this AWS training I reviewed some core concepts, seemed useful to me, but not much detailed. Good for someone taking a first approach in AWS. Those already knowing this may want to take something more detailed training, but this one is nice for beginners.

Raul Bajales


Rakha Purbawisesa


AWS Cloud computing

The courses were quite informative. The uploaded videos were very clear and easy to understand as they are practically showing how the code has to be implemented and put practically. The sound system for the videos are really clear and crisp. Each and every feature and functions are explained in detail.

Kirtana Varada


Rakha Purbawisesa


Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud Computing

It is a very good course. Perhaps should have a Certification Exam. It will probably attract more people to avail the course as well as subscribe to educba. The course content was good. The communication was effective and satisfactory. I would like to see more of such programs in near furture. Thank you.