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  • Human Resource Processes and Management
    3h 36m
  • Human Resource Information System Training
    5h 5m
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
    2h 26m
  • Online International Human Resource Management Course
    4h 00m
  • HR ROI - Human Resource ROI Training Course
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  • Human Resource Measurement
  • HR Plan for a Startup Firm Training- Strategies Human Resources Plan
    12h 37m
  • Nature of Human Resource Training
    5h 13m
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Skills you will master

  • HR
  • Human Resource Processes and Management
  • Human Resource Information System
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • International Human Resource Management
  • HR ROI
  • Human Resource ROI
  • Human Resource Measurement
  • HR Plan for a Startup Firm
  • Nature of Human Resource


Human resources managers work with employers and employees and are the backbone of every company. Through this path you will learn how to maintain and enhance the organization's human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices.


Learn how to find the best candidates and retain them. Build your client base and candidate network. Discover the importance of talent management.

Human resource management in the literal terms means that right people are found for the right job and at the right time so that the organization and the employees are both benefited from this process. Human resource management as a process is very important in each organization because without this process, it is difficult to run the organization with the optimum capabilities.

The human resource management function is available in all the organizations and hence is of pervasive nature. The focus of the management is more on the results and less on the rules unlike other forms of management where the main focus in on the whether the rules of the organizations are properly followed of not.

The human resource management also helps the employees to live up to their full potential and also helps them give their best to the organization and hence benefit the organization in return. The management not only looks at the employees as a group of people in the organization but also looks after them as an individual and helps them grow as an individual and as a group as well.

Putting the best people at the job helps in increasing the efficiency of the organization as well as the employees. Putting the right person on the right job helps the organization in meeting its goals and objectives. It also helps in keeping the employees motivated to do their job with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. One of the functions of the human resource management also includes keeping a cordial relation between various levels of the employees in the organization. It also helps in using the resources and the knowledge available to the organization in the best possible manner.

Managing the scarce and limited resources of any organization is extremely important for any organization. Of all the resources obviously the human resource of any organization is a unique one for the simple reason that this resource does not have specific laws to be used for appropriate management because you cannot manage human beings the way you manage things.

Hence as business and management developed and modernized the human resource organizations started forming its base on strong, simple and Effective HR or human resource management processes. The HR processes are designed, developed and redesigned by HR managers by implementing HR strategies.

These processes that we are talking about form a base for managing the human resource of an organization. There are different sets of processes to manager HR logically to provide value to both the internal and external clients of the organization. We can list a few the HR process areas for you to have a gist this list is given below;

Recruitment and staffing of new employees for the organization.

Distribution of compensations and benefits amongst employees.

Focusing on the development and training of the employees.

Employee career development.

Managing the talent of the organization.

Developing and creating new leaders and also polishing the existing leaders.

Most importantly controlling the human resource.

Managing the human resource is not a simple job one needs artistic skills in connecting the right processes and also providing the right kind of required support to the managers and the employees of the organization. This proper logical grouping of the HR processes thrives to keep the Human capital of the organization competitive in the market by connecting and managing individual processes.

Managing and controlling the human resource of an organization is defiantly the toughest job for the management of every organization hence they are managed differently. Well every organization has different processes to manage and control their employees however their grouping to form processes is more or less or mostly same. If you want to be an important part of the HRM or the Human Resource Management Team understanding, developing and managing these process is extremely important for you.


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Excel Course Review

The video lectures were very good.learnt a lot about excel. The course structure was very good. The flow of the topics was apt and was taught with clarity and ease. Now i know the importance of excel and how useful tool it is. Even the downloadable material provided is very good, i could along with the corse apply on excel whatever was taught. Great learning experience.


Great Course

The course was very informative, well explained and straightforward and quite easy to replicate. I will definitely be using what I have learned. It really amazes me all that can be done with excel, I am Looking forward to practising what I have learned and learning even more. Only negative, he spends too long on formatting (to my liking).

Mytch Parks

Adequate Introduction

An adequate introduction to the Pivot Table cloud app, as well as PM tools, lingo and reporting. Additional information includes integration with Jira, Confluence, Bugzilla, time logging systems. Plus API integration. This would be a good starter tool across an agency, but perhaps not at the enterprise level.

Andrew T. Carr

Financial Services Practitioner

Good review of a great industry of study and practice. As a past practitioner of the investment industry, It is good to see a site that does a decent job of summarizing the business of being an investment banker and the investment banking function versus retail or commercial banking functions. Many people do not easily make the destination.

Rakha Purbawisesa


It's very structured and easily understood for a student who didn't know anything about investment banks like me. However, They could make it better with a more detailed differences between investment banks and the boutique one, and add more entertaining animations and pictures. But overall it's amazing! 4.5/5!

Omar DeCastro

Great Value and great Class

Great value and great class, a must take to advance your career. I found that the class and the format in which is tough are great for self paced learners. One can complete the certification at own pace and replay the parts that are unclear. Great value for the price and will recommend this product to my colleagues.


Creation of sales dashboard in excel

From this course, you will immediately be able to apply what you've learnt into practice. Trainer has elaborated details very quickly and very simply. Teaching and explanation style is clear, informative, and highly encouraging. Thank you trainer for this amazing course on Macros and VBAs. I would like to recommend o atleast once go through this course videos.

Nguyen Son Ha Anh

Introduction to Investment Banking

It's really helpful. I have acquired overall knowledge about investment banking. I'm passionate about finance, especially investment banking. However, there's no particular course at my college. Therefore, this course is significantly for whom wishes to work for an investment bank. I definitely will participate in more courses here. Great!

William Ling

Good Introduction to Investment Banking

The course introduces different functions of investment bank and its structure in a easy to understand way. The course is concise and time saving. If you are looking for career transition into investment banking, this is a good starting point to see what investment banking is about.

Muhammad Heryanto Jafar

Useful and helpful

This program will be helpful not only for junior bankers as guidance but for seasoned bankers as refresher.. I was wondering this had been live when I started my career in investment banking long time ago.. Keep up the good work Dheeraj and wallstreetmojo / educba team, have given 4.5 star for the program..

Miguel Gomes Monteiro

R Programming

Definitely a deep-dive worth taking, this course about R fundamentals highlights the use, benefits, features and much much more about the language - quite in depth. I lacked only the exercises to practice all this theory and although at times the lessons were slightly repetitive, overall it is worth it!

Bettie van Straaten

Sampled eduCBA online course and liked it

Sampled a beginner's course in subject which I know fairly well in order to assess the quality of content (this as part of a free trial period). The content was informative. It took me some time to get used to the presenter's pronounciation but this did not detract from the quality of the content. The webpage takes a few seconds to load, longer than other online courses, but no break or buffering happened during each session. The choice of free courses for the trial period is limited, I would have preferred a wider bouquet to choose from and there are plenty to choose from in the catalog, it is also well organized and easy to reference. Worth it to try!

Danial A Gualtieri

Investment Banking Overview

Excellent overview, well thought out, very clear and easy to step through. It provided a good assessment how the training course is structure and presented for a good learning experience. I enjoyed the way the training process was broken into manageable sections and could be restarted or reviewed easily to catch up on areas of interest.


Worth learning

I am an engineer. Generally this course doesn't literally related with my current job. But its essential part to learn nowadays. We are marching towards more and more advanced digital age. For this course, thanks for good and proper arrangement of title and subtitles. New info is gained. I feel like I get updated in my skill sets. I recommend this.

Ooi Chee Ghee

Investment Banking- Overview

The course is very enlightening. I would like to say thank you to the producer of the video. I have learnt a lot with regards to the investment banking industry that the producer has explained in the video: from research to sales and trading, from mergers and acquisitions to restructing and IPO to APO.

Miguel Gomes Monteiro

Programming with C \ C++ \ C#

Really good course, quite comprehensive and able to provide students with a good solid base on .NET / C C++ C# programming. Adding more practical exercises would be beneficial, for knowledge consolidation and practice but overall quite a good course, well structured and it is definitely recommended.

Mamadou N Golo DEME


It's was very simple to learn and Apply in the same time. I really enjoyed Learning this course. And also each topics are well presented with a very easy English (easy to understand for french speaker) Don't stop and continue to provide what you do. You are the best. Thanks a lot for all your effort and keep it up.

Tamer Hussein Alsayed

Great Course

High intense, detailed course. very useful and highly recommended. it's really amazing and highly appreciated. thanks for the team as it has improved my investment banking skills. EDUCBA is a very professional website that provide a lot of high end materials and videos were very clear in terms of description and education related,

Nhia Mai Lor

Schedule Model Overview

Very helpful overview. Thank you so much, I've learn so much with this short video overview of schedule model. Everything was easy and simple to understand and all the video was so helpful. I really like chapter 5 example of the project scheduling model, so helpful. Thank you so much!!


Overview of Investment Banking

This course is very helpful for people who want to know about investment banking. The course was well organized with brief overview of different facets of the field. I have heard about investment banking so often but I never actually know what it is, who work there, in which roles? This short course has sparked my interests in finding a career within investment banking.


  1. Can I access this course from anywhere?

Yes, you can definitely access this course from anywhere & everywhere. Once you are registered for this Online Training Bundle, you will get your own login credentials which you can use to access the video materials and other contents from anywhere.

  1. Is there a Classroom Training available for this Online Training?

All our courses are available online so as to enable any user, who may have limited time, to study his courses of choice online. The training materials are accessible 24*7 for the users.

  1. Who are the Instructors for this Online Training?

The instructors are Industry based professional who have had tons of experience in the field of Online Training. All the courses in this bundle are based on Industry based standards. Also the courses have been started from Scratch to get the participant well-acquainted with each and every Online Training concept.

  1. Are there any Certification Courses for Online Training available in this Online Training bundle?

Yes, there are certification courses available for the same in this Ultimate Online Training Bundle. To name a few- PMI-ACP Exam Prep – PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Training, PMP Exam Prep Training, NCFM based Modules, ITIL Modules, CFA Training etc.

  1. When will I receive my certificate for any course?

You will receive certificate for completing each course in the Online Training Bundle. Once you have seen more than 70% of the training material in any course, you can issue your certificate.

  1. Are there any Pre-requisites for enrolling to this Online Training Bundle?

No, there are no pre-requisites for this training. Anyone who is keen to learn about specific Industry based domains can enroll for this Ultimate bundle.

  1. Will I get any technical Support during my Training at eduCBA?

Yes, you will be getting technical Support from eduCBA. In case you have any technical issue, you can drop us a mail or call us to get your doubts cleared.

  1. What are the Payment Options?

There are both Online & Offline Payment options available. In online payment options you pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking. In offline payment option you can deposit Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft.

  1. What if I have more Queries?

Just drop us a mail on info@educba.com

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